Completely Unamazing

Guess who slept in until 8:30 this morning?

This girl!

That may be completely unamazing to you, but for me, sleeping past 7:15 a.m. on weekends is basically unheard of. My natural alarm clock, coupled with Crazy Sadie’s morning energy typically dictates a 7 a.m. wake up time, even on days I don’t have to wake up early.

Ryan and I were both psyched to have slept for so long.

Once we were finally out of bed, we wandered into the kitchen to enjoy a quick breakfast of Kashi Heart to Heart cereal before leashing up Sadie and heading to the Downtown Orlando Farmer’s Market.1 Sadie was ready to GO! outlet mall 021For those of you who have nut-job dogs like Sadie, Ryan and I absolutely love the Gentle Leader Easy Walk harness Sadie is wearing in the above picture. It prevents pulling without closing around Sadie’s neck. My mom found it for us more than a year ago and it made our walks with Sadie 10 times more pleasant. Highly recommended if your dog is a puller!

outlet mall 020 Please note the red hoodie Ryan is wearing. It was pulled out of storage a week or so ago and will likely be worn 1.5 million times this winter, as it is every winter. (*Proof*) Apparently it is the perfect hoodie. 😀

Oops, back to the Farmer’s Market…

We took the long way to the market, making a lap around the large lake before scoping out the goodies offered by local vendors.outlet mall 022outlet mall 019 It was a rather dreary morning that turned into a beautiful day.

outlet mall 023 I think the rainy weather scared off some patrons, because Ryan, Sadie and I were among only a few people browsing around.

Well, there was one rather special guy there that I can’t forget to mention…outlet mall 024

Santa! I know him! 😀

At the Farmer’s Market we purchased a bunch of produce to enjoy through the week before heading home. Unfortunately there were no carrots the size of my arm to buy this morning!

Shop ‘Til You Drop

After arriving home from the market, I changed and headed out for round one of Christmas shopping.

outlet mall 027I hit up my favorite stores and found some quality winter clothes for myself while also picking up some presents for a couple of people on my list!

How is it that I always get blinded by the beautiful clothes while shopping for others and inevitably snag something for myself? The good thing is I am a huge bargain hunter and bought nearly everything on sale. Score!

While shopping, I meandered into le gourmet chef to scope out some yummy dips and holiday treats. I love that this store always has loads of free samples.

My favorite from today was the Robert Rothschild chocolate macaroon dip. outlet mall 025Chocolate + coconut = Heavenly

I tried every single sample… multiple times. I think I was hungry for lunch, so I was hit by a snack attack in the middle of the store. Dips, salsas, queso, tortilla chips, animal crackers and chocolate cookie pretzels make a pretty darn good substitute lunch if ya ask me!

I spent some more time shopping before heading to Home Depot to have keys to our apartment made. Here’s the thing… I really don’t like going to Home Depot. It’s so boring and there is nothing fun to look at. At least it was a short trip!

I just arrived home and am about to head out to the grocery store with Ryan. We also need to nab some wrapping paper so I can wrap up some of these gifts so Ryan can’t see ‘em!

Aaaand we’re off!


  1. Maranda says

    I think that you should give Home Depot a second chance! I have been working in a Scene Shop for my college theatre for three years, and every time I go into Home Depot I become completely enthralled with the possibilities for my dream home, my favorite wall colors, and all of the life size craft projects that I could do. I could spend hours in that store.


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