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As the crock pot challenge continues, I am finding myself loving my crock pot more and more. It makes dinner so incredibly easy that I am now looking at every recipe I come across and wondering whether or not it could be converted into a crock pot recipe.

When I asked you guys about your favorite Indian dishes last Sunday, a bunch of you encouraged me to try chicken tikka masala. Yesterday I found a recipe for the dish on Gina’s blog and figured it could be a crock pot contender.

I combined everything in the crock pot (I used light coconut milk in place of the milk) and let it cook on low for about six hours yesterday. When it was done, I shredded the chicken and put it back in the crock pot with the sauce. Ryan and I ate it over brown rice and thought it was delicious. (I know you’re not supposed to shred the chicken in traditional chicken tikka masala, but I wanted it to get as much flavor from the sauce as possible.)

It also made for a flavorful lunch when I reheated the leftovers this afternoon.

chicken tikka masala crock pot

I would love to try this dish at a real Indian restaurant because I have a feeling it would be fantastic.

crock pot chicken tikka masala


Question of the Afternoon

  • Have you ever successfully transformed a traditional recipe into a crock-pot friendly recipe? Feel free to link to any favorites in the comments section of this post!


  1. says

    I grew up with an AGA which is an oven from England that always on! My mom always was making recipes that took hours of cooking. I didn’t realize till I moved out that I either needed her oven or a crock pot lol. Because of this, I can pretty much transfer any soup recipe to a crock pot recipe!


  2. Elizabeth says

    I have absolutely loved the crock pot challenge! i am using mine even more than I was before! I am thankful for the introduction to indian food! One of my new favorites is the simple side of baked potatoes or baked sweet potatoes. It works beautifully in the crock. Oil crock and potatoes if you wish, poke potatoes with holes, throw them in and cook on low 8-10 hours or high 4-6. Perfect!


  3. says

    I never use a crock pot because I feel like it is mostly for meats, which I don’t eat. I have looked at a few recipes here and there but nothing to sell me on the idea.

    On another note, I LOVE Indian food. I come close with the flavors at home, but it is just never the same as the restaurant.


  4. says

    This is a definite must try! Have you ever placed your cooked chicken in your kitchen aid and used it to shred your chicken? I do this with Mexican chicken and it makes the perfect shredded chicken everytime!


  5. Merri says

    This is great JB!! Indian is one of Pete and I’s(I don’t this is correct grammar) top 3 favorite foods genres! We eat it all the time! I like masala but most of my favorite dishes are vegetarian. I am not a fan of paneer however which looks like cubes of tofu but is actually cheese (kind of like a cube of cottage cheese). I can reccomend great Indian in Orlando if u go down there or you and Ryan will just have to come up to NYC for dinner 🙂 xoxo


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