Crock Pot Steel Cut Oats Fail

Unfortunately every recipe can’t be a winner.

I set out to make some creamy banana steel cut oats in the crock pot last night and had high hopes for the end result as I went to sleep.

When I went to scoop the oats into a bowl this morning, they stuck to the sides of the crock pot and looked pretty horrendous. I added a splash of milk and stirred everything up so they were at least salvageable, but they definitely  weren’t something to write home about.

I topped the oats with peanut butter, unsweetened coconut flakes and pecans.

crock pot steel cut oats 006

crock pot steel cut oats 010

The oats actually ended up tasting pretty darn delicious, but at first glance they looked awful. I just scooped around the oats that stuck to the sides and all was fine.

crock pot steel cut oats 007

I’m hoping to give a few more crock pot breakfast recipes a try as the Crock Pot Challenge continues. I’ve seen some phenomenal ones out there! Hopefully they’ll be a little more successful than today’s attempt.


Today’s workout began with 20 minutes on the elliptical before it was time to make my abs burn with a core circuit workout from Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp.

One again, the scorpion exercise absolutely schooled me. Yikes!

Question of the Morning

  • What is the last recipe you attempted that didn’t quite work out the way you thought it would?


  1. says

    I thought I read the title of your post wrong when I saw these pictures because those look delicious! I always just top my oats with PB but I think I need to start trying just normal nuts/coconuts/granola.

    I definitely learned to try and avoid trying to “healthify” a recipe because sometimes when it calls for 3 TBS. of butter, you just need to suck it up and use the butter.


  2. says

    I LOVE my crockpot! I’m actually making dinner in it tonight 🙂 I know how you feel about the recipe fail though. I’ve had it happen plenty of times. They can’t all be winners, I suppose!


  3. Stephanie Clement says

    Hi Julie!

    I was just wondering why you’ve stopped blogging as much? Haven’t seen many dinner posts in a while and miss hearing about your healthy lifestyle outside of morning breakfast, workout and lunch.

    Hope 2013 is treatin’ ya well!


    • says

      hey stephanie! i am hoping to share some more dinner ideas/recipes in the coming weeks (thanks, in part, to the crock pot challenge)! i’ve actually been focusing a lot on outside projects and am doing my best to step away from the computer at night rather than blog after dinner, but i’m not sure if the change is permanent. thanks for taking the time to comment. i definintely want to blog more about dinner in the future!


  4. says

    I had BIG plans for a roasted butternut squash/apple soup recipe and it was something I’d planned to share on my blog. It SUCKED LOL!!! I ended up throwing it out — I’m not sure where I went wrong but it definitely needs to go through a few more trials before I’ll be sharing it with anyone!


  5. says

    I love my crock pot. In the Winter I use it 3-5 times a week sometimes. Last night I made a delicious rump roast with lots of spices in there with homemade bread. So good!
    I tried making The Pioneer Woman’s meatloaf and it looked awful, tasted awful.. Nothing went right! I’m not a huge meatloaf person anyways so I wasn’t too bummed.


  6. says

    I ALWAYS have that issue with steal cut outs even when I simply boil them in a pot. I think I read that adding a little bit of salt helps keep it from sticking, although I could totally be pulling that out of my butt!


  7. says

    I was making
    CrockPot Hot Fudge Cake and used SALT instead of SUGAR!!!
    It was like licking a salt block!

    It was at my inlaws, too! Everyone was so excited to taste…Oh, grr!
    (My husband’s grandmother puts her baking products in containers (that are unmarked) and I didn’t pay attention.) I am definitely more cautious now….:)


  8. laura says

    i have to be brutally honest and say your chick pea garam masala crock pot recipe from the other day was TERRIBLE when i made it!!! I was so sad, as i was so excited and had to buy all the ingredients especially for that, and it was terrible! I thought it was so bland! are you sure you didn’t mean tablespoons of the garam masala versus teaspoons? I even added more of the spice from the beginning because I do like very flavorful dishes, and still found it extremely bland. My poor boyfriend equated it to hash–and literally choked it down after dousing it in hot sauce to give it any sort of flavor! When thinking about it, I think all the components are really bland–chick peas, cauliflower, chicken, and crushed tomatoes. do you think i did anything wrong?? it literally tasted like mush. I know recipes all can’t be winners but i can’t believe you raved about it so much!! anyone else have the same issues? it was just so bland! sorry julie 🙂


  9. Kelly says

    I make steel cut oats in my crockpot all the time. When I first started my looked a lot like you described. What I found after a bunch of Googling was that crockpots these days are much different than years ago. Low = high etc. So now I put mine on keep warm overnight and the last 90 minutes of so turn it to high. It makes the perfect consistency and doesn’t get all stuck to the crockpot.



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