Dog Park Montage

Watching Sadie at the dog park is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world (even when it is ridiculously hot outside). She has the best time running around, playing fetch, enticing other dogs to chase her and swimming in the lake.

I snapped a bunch of pictures during our visit to the park today and was having a hard time selecting a small handful to share with you guys, so please enjoy the excessive amount of Sadie pictures in this montage of Sadie playin’ at the dog park today!

On our way to the park…

sadie dog park 003 

We’re here!!!

sadie dog park 009

sadie dog park 011

She’s off!

sadie dog park 013

Sadie’s frisbee-dar immediately locates her target.

sadie dog park 021 

Go Sadie, go!

sadie dog park 017

sadie dog park 015

sadie dog park 020

sadie dog park 019

Proud Dad.

sadie dog park 014

No swimming? Pshhh…

sadie dog park 023

sadie dog park 025

sadie dog park 035

C’mon… Throooow it.

sadie dog park 038

sadie dog park 030


With a wet dog in tow, we headed home to dig into our to-go pasta from Carrabba’s.

It was delicious and within 30 minutes of eating our pasta and crusty bread, Ryan and I were in a full-on carb coma!

Apparently the carbs helped fuel our creative juices, because we designed the invitations and RSVP cards for our wedding this evening! We used a free template I downloaded from The Wedding Chicks website and made some changes to the fonts, wording and general layout to make the invitation and RSVP card reflect the style of our wedding.

I have a feeling we’ll be heading out to check out stationary to use to print these bad boys tomorrow. Things are about to get CRAFTY! 😀

Sleep well, everyone! See ya when the sun comes up.


  1. brazilgrrl says

    Awww Sadie is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soo cute and energetic! I absolutely love Carraba’s! You’re soooo lucky to have been invited to the tasting =D


  2. says

    Julie, just came across your blog. I’ll be reading 🙂 We are trying to stay healthy while we plan a wedding too!

    I also wanted to say how much I love Vizslas. The program director of my study abroad semester in Hungary had one, and I always thought she was gorgeous. Sadie is very cute too. Do you find that she is a high maintenance dog? I’ve heard that bread can be VERY needy.


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      i just read this comment to ryan & we both laughed… YES. she is insanely needy. 🙂 she has to be next to us (literally touching us) at all times.


  3. says

    Carby creative juices flowing. Can’t wait to see what you came up with.

    Love all the Sadie pictures. I love looking at her like you love looking at M. 🙂


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