Feet! Don’t Fail Me Now!

Right before lunch, I stepped away from the computer and drove to the nearby hiking trails with Sadie for an afternoon run.

happy vizsla

When I start training for a half marathon, Sadie does, too! She’s my favorite running buddy and watching her prance along like a happy little elf makes me enjoy training a little bit more. She’s a joy! (If you’re a dog owner interested in running with your dog, you might be interested in this past post: Running with Your Dog. It also includes a list of great running breeds!)

Aside from watching Sadie have a blast, trail running is fun in other ways, too! Because the trails are peppered with roots and rocks, I find myself mentally engaged the whole time since I’m always looking out for a possible trail hazard so I don’t trip and fall.

photo (2)

I managed to avoid any face plants on today’s five mile run and had a good time running with Sadie and listening to some new songs that I downloaded over the weekend.

My favorite workout song of the moment?

Melanie Amaro

Don’t Fail Me Now” by Melanie Amaro.

It totally rejuvenated me when it came on in the middle of my run today. I just love her voice! And I love yelling, “Feet! Don’t fail me now!” along with her as I run. The lyrics seem too perfect for running even though I know I’m taking them literally and a bit out of context. Whatever works!


When I arrived home from my run, I quickly showered before heading into the kitchen to make lunch.

All I wanted for lunch today was peanut butter, so I made myself a peanut butter and honey bagel sandwich on a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel.

Peanut Butter and Honey Bagel

Spreading the peanut butter on the warm bagel made it melt which melted my heart. Melted peanut butter reminds me of some kind of fabulous ice cream topping. Yum!

Bagel peanut butter sandwich

I need to get some vegetables in me today, so I’m thinking a green protein smoothie or vegetables and hummus will have to happen as my afternoon snack.

Back to work! I’m really looking forward to a volunteer event that I have on my schedule for tonight with the Junior League of Ocala and hope to sneak in an hour of studying before then as well.

See ya later!

Question of the Afternoon

  • What is your favorite workout song right now?

Faded Days Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to…

  • Amanda @ Eat More Rabbit Food: “I love the powder green! What a fun giveaway!”
  • Ashley: “Love all the shades, they are really great but I’d say I’m loving blue haze. So hot!”
  • Jennifer: “It’s a toss up between the Pink Haze and the Pool Party Heros. They’re all great though!! Super cute picture of you girls in your Faded Days sundglasses!”

Since I still cannot figure out how to get the numbering to work in my comments section since my numbering plugin decided to quit on me, I randomly selected the winners myself (which is what I said I’d do anyway). I usually like to use a random integer generator so you guys can see it’s truly random, but figured that I’d select an entry from the beginning, middle and end of the comments section of the giveaway post. Since you may not remember what you wrote for your entry, I am also going to email the winners using the email addresses provided. Thanks for your patience! I am hoping to offer a re-do Faded Days sunglasses giveaway with new winners when everything is working again. Stay tuned! 

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  1. Jennifer says

    Peanut butter and honey on toast is one of my favorites, I’m going to have to try it on a bagel. Yay! I can’t believe I won! Thank you so much!! 🙂


  2. says

    I love Hit the Floor by Twista & Pitbull, How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox 20, Outta Your Mind by Lil Jon & LMFAO, Shots by LMFAO & Lil Jon, Stronger by Kanye West, Runaway Baby by Doo-Wops & Hooligans


  3. says

    As much as I’d love to half marathon train with my toy poodles I don’t think they’d appreciate it! Haha but Sadie looks like she does.

    Thanks for talking about favourite work out songs – this whole thread has become my playlist inspiration!


  4. says

    Like Youth of a Nation P.O.D, Love Generation Bob Sinclar and You Got the Love feat Candi Station are some of my favs. Nice with inspiration for new ones to download! 😉


  5. Annie says

    love when you do workout song posts because i get so many great ideas from all the comments to vamp up my playlist! i’d never heard of melanie amaro so thanks for the suggestion- this song is going on my playlist ASAP!

    i really like rockstar 101 by rihanna when i’m lifting. when i’m running, my fave is lux aeterna by clint mansell (theme song to Requiem for a Dream, also used in Lord of the Rings). it’s all instrumental, but it’s got such a great build up and the height of the song is great to sprint to!


  6. says

    Maybe I am really weird, but the music I am LOVING is Christmas music…for all occasions, even working out! But in the non-Christmas related genre, I love the song “What Doesn’t Kill you Makes You Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson…I totally take it literally and out of context to help me push through workouts too 🙂


  7. says

    My mouth seriously started watering when I laid eyes on that melty peanut butter. My favorite workout song right now is Ciara ft. Chamillionaire “Get Up”. I think you’d like it!


  8. Alison says

    Right now for running I’m loving “I can only imagine” by David Guetta and Chris Brown, “I remember” by Deadmau5, and “Touch me” by Katharine McPhee (Smash version). Your post comes at the perfect time, as I was just thinking I needed some new running tunes!


  9. Yajaira says

    YUMMM now I am craving a bagel with peanut butter. I absolutely love when the PB melts on the bagel. I now know what my lunch will be. 🙂


  10. Sallie says

    Young the giant- my body
    “my body tells me no but I can’t quit cuz I want more” it is great you should add it to your playlist!!


  11. says

    That’s so awesome that you have a trusty running buddy to train with for your marathon! 😀 I really like the idea of having a dog to go on runs with, but alas my heart melts for the teeny tiny little dogs. The ones where “going for a walk” means me carrying the little guy in my arms or my purse. Probably not the best running buddy but he’ll sure make a great snuggle buddy. 😉


  12. says

    Hi Julie!
    I didn’t know if i should comment here or on the running with dogs post, but there are two things that i think are important to know about running with your dog that weren’t in your post. I just recently trained for a half marathon with my husky pup as my training buddy, and i had to work closely with the vet to make sure she was getting enough nutrition. Because she was burning so many calories running (and overall leading a very active doggie lifestyle :p) i had to switch her to high energy food to keep her weight from dropping. Also, on long runs, dogs need fuel too. my vet recommended gatorade or the chews that are made for people.
    the other thing: watch out for hot cement! on really hot days the cement can burn their paws


  13. Sarah King says

    How do you get Sadie to run next to you instead of pulling you along!? My dog is so speedy and even with a harness on her she yanks me along! Any ideas?


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