Eight Miles

Eight miles!

8 mile run 016

All done before 8:45 a.m. (And yes, I desperately need to repaint my nails.)

Pretty sweet start to the weekend!

Fun fact: Eight miles is Sadie’s personal distance record! (You may see what Sadie thinks about during long runs here.)

Sadie ran eight miles with me last year when I was training for the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon and then I picked her up about halfway through my remaining long runs, but I never took her more than eight miles because I worried about her in the heat.

Since we’re training for a half marathon in November, the weather isn’t quite as hot as it is in June and July, so I’m thinking Sadie will be able to handle all of our long runs. (Runner’s World magazine listed vizslas as one of the few dog breeds that can train for an entire marathon with their owners!)

When we got back from our run today, Sadie immediately picked up a ball and jumped around, trying to coerce us into several rounds of fetch. Psycho.

As Ryan, Sadie and I set out to conquer the eight-mile run on our half marathon training plan this morning, none of us (okay, just the humans) were feeling particularly enthusiastic. Fortunately once we started running, the miles ticked by pretty quickly.

Ryan and I chatted away for the first six miles and then said about two words to each other during the final two. Apparently we were in the zone and just trying to finish out the run without much else on our minds.

Well, breakfast was on my mind. Smile


I always brainstorm what I want for breakfast during my workouts. Today nothing sounded better than an egg, cheese and jelly breakfast sandwich.

8 mile run 017

Cheddar cheese + Two fried eggs + Raspberry jelly + Whole wheat English muffin

8 mile run 020

Turkey bacon on the side!

Fantastic post-run fuel.

Today’s plans include lots of errands and many phone calls to inquire about some craigslist finds and then we may have two special guests come in town for the evening.

Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Natalie says


    Recently found your blog through a recipe link on Pinterest and it’s now one of my favorites!

    Just wondering where your running watch is from?



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