Elliptical Workout

I have a confession to make. I tend to use the elliptical as a “cop out” form of working out. It definitely makes me sweat but doesn’t totally kick my butt like interval workouts or spinning classes.

Well, this morning I realized that a kick-butt workout can be achieved on the ellitpical!

After seeing Gabriela post this workout on her blog, I figured an interval workout on the ellitpical was worth a shot. I printed out her workout, but changed it up a bit and ended up completing the following 50-minute routine:

Elliptical Workout

I must say that I’ve never used the elliptical at an incline above 13. Level 18 is no joke! I actually felt like I was on the stair master. I felt so slow, but plugged away!

As you can see above, the hardest part of the workout occurs during the first 30 minutes. I used the last 20 minutes to cool down and read the latest issue of Shape magazine.


After my workout, I came home and took Sadie on a quick walk before digging into a delicious breakfast.

Yogurt Bowl + Chia Seeds + Sweet Potato Puffs

In the mix:

You better believe I incorporated baby cereal into the mix!

Sweet Potato Puffs

Since I clearly cannot be trusted around boxed cereal, I typically avoid buying it. These little puffs are perfect because they satisfy my craving for cereal and for some reason I am much better about exercising portion control around them. Maybe because there are only six servings in a container and I want them to last a while?

Whatever it is, I’m sold. They’re delicious! I was actually a little apprehensive about the sweet potato flavor, but the flavor is light and has the perfect amount of sweetness.


…Fast forward through the first half of my day at work…


Thursday's Meal

On my plate:

Curried Cauliflower

Can you believe that the above portion of cauliflower is actually an entire head of cauliflower? Crazy, huh? I swear the oven must be a shrinking machine or something.

Let’s move on to some fun stuff…

iHerb.com $50 Shopping Spree Winner

Holy giveaway entries!!! I wish I have billions of dollars so I could give you all $50 to use to get yourself some yummy food… like coconut butter since you guys apparently want to bathe in the stuff! šŸ˜‰

Now for the winner…

And the Winner is...


Congratulations Erin! Please email me at pbfingers@gmail.com with your mailing address so you can stock up on some chia seeds.

Of Possible Interest


  1. Sharon says

    Wow! I did the elliptical workout today at the gym and that was definitely the hardest I’ve ever worked on the elliptical before! I don’t really care for the elliptical because its boring, but with your interval plan I had no time to be bored!! I also did a treadmill workout of yours the other day and it was super tough (but awesome) as well! I am looking forward to trying more and more of your workouts to help me reach my goal! Love the blog! Thanks!


  2. Maire says

    Hi Julie! I really like exercising, but I have a problem sometimes when I do exercise (usually only when I am outside). I get really light headed and dizzy. Along with all of this I feel like I am going to throw up my meal I ate before! I play tennis and that is usually when it happens the most. I eat very healthy (I do have a sweet treat every night). I also don’t eat very much sodium, to be honest I have no idea how much I eat but my mother thinks it could be a factor. Have you experienced this or know what is going on?



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