Elusive Baby Pigeons

Hello, July!

I have a feeling this month is going to be a good one. Between the Fourth of July, my friend Leah’s wedding, finally MOVING OUT of our mouse-ridden apartment and my mom’s birthday, there is a lot to look forward to!

I always love looking back at the past month when a new month arrives, so let’s do a quick recap of June 2011:

jekyll island 109

scuba diving with whale sharks georgia aquarium 021

Favorite June Recipes:

almond butter granola 023

Favorite June Workouts:

Holy link overload! Open-mouthed smile 

(Note to bloggers: Doing a recap at the beginning or end of each month really helps me with personal organization. I love it because I can simply click on the first or last day of a month later on and find some of my more pivotal posts very easily. Plus, it’s fun to look back!)


My first workout of July was only so-so. For some reason I woke up in a bit of a funk and had a hard time shaking that feeling at the gym. I walked to the gym with Ryan and began my workout with 20 minutes on the elliptical, followed by this total-body weights workout:


Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Bicep curls 15 lbs. 15 4
Deadlifts 25 lbs. 15 3
Leg extensions 35 lbs. 15 3
Tricep dips Bodyweight 15 3
Ryan’s shoulder move 10 lbs. 15 3
Hamstring ball curls Bodyweight 20 3
Front shoulder raises 10 lbs. 15 3
Resistance band bicep curls Band resistance 15 3
Exercise ball squats Bodyweight 20 3
Exercise ball crunches None 30 3

When I type it out, this workout looks pretty decent, but when I was doing it I felt lethargic and just not into it. Can’t win ‘em all!

After my workout, I was wasting time waiting for Ryan to finish his workout and made up this totally awkward move with the resistance band that had me walking around like a penguin. When Ryan walked into the loft to find me looking like an arctic bird, he started laughing pretty hard, so I made sure to give him a little tutorial and he helped me adapt it to make it a little less waddly.

It’s a winner, fo’ sho’. Winking smile


After our workout, Ryan joined me and Sadie on our morning walk around the lake near our apartment. I told him all about the different breeds of baby birds we’ve been seeing lately and had him pumped to see some of the little guys.

Of course they were all feeling shy and elusive today, so we only saw a few of the teenage swans, but they were still cute!

On our walk we started talking about pigeons and how neither of us have ever seen a baby pigeon. Have any of you? I’m convinced they hide in the haus male pigeon’s necks until they’re full grown.



Once our avian walk was over, we came home and I immediately opened the fridge to grab breakfast.

Last night I prepared a batch of chocolate chia seed pudding with about a third of a cup of oats stirred in.

chocolate chia seed pudding 002

This morning I added frozen banana slices and a chopped fresh nectarine to the mix and dug in.

chocolate chia seed pudding 004

chocolate chia seed pudding 007

Loved this meal!

Time to get crack-a-lackin’ on lots of fun blog stuff this morning. I’m in the process of working with an awesome web guy (Tim – tparkin@gmail.com, just in case any of you are looking for someone!) to get some drop down menus on the ol’ blog. Let me know if there’s a specific page you’d like to see created and I’ll be sure to look into it!

Happy Friday!


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    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby pigeon. 🙂 When my parents were dating, my dad was able to convince my mom that chipmunks turned into squirrels, because you never saw an adult chipmunk or a baby squirrel. Haha.



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