Favorite Childhood Dinner

When Ryan and I were still a relatively new couple, I wanted to surprise him with his favorite home cooked meal one evening. When I asked him about his favorite childhood dinner, he rattled off the following foods:

  • Ham steak
  • Peas
  • Ramen noodles (with the broth drained, tossed in butter <— He was very specific about this!)
  • Fresh strawberries

Easy to please!

Ryan still raves about ham steak and threw one in our cart at the grocery store earlier this week. Last night I cooked it in a skillet with a super-simple glaze of Dijon mustard and brown sugar.

Ham steak sweet potato roasted broccoli and cauliflower

We enjoyed the ham with with roasted cauliflower and broccoli and a sweet potato topped with a bit of butter.

sweet potato with kerrygold butter

After a friend highly recommended Kerrygold pure Irish butter, I finally bought some last week and must say it is pretty darn fabulous. Just a little bit of the unsalted butter on top of my sweet potato added so much flavor!

Once we were done eating dinner, we took Sadie on a walk around the neighborhood before we parked our butts on the couch and spent some time reading through all of the awesome travel recommendations you guys left on my morning blog post yesterday.


I love that so many of you encouraged us to enjoy a less-structured vacation in Ireland, since that’s what we really hope to do. Though I’m usually a big-time planner, renting a car and exploring sounds absolutely fabulous!

Question of the Morning

  • What was your favorite dinner as a child? 

I have a few favorites but spaghetti and corned beef and cabbage top my list!


    • says

      Ramen? Me too.: )

      I chuckled when I read that Ryan liked to have Ramen tossed in butter on the side. I loved Ramen as a kid, and yeah, I’ve become healthier too.


  1. Erin says

    Flank steak, green beans with almonds and a baked potato; which I still have to rank as a top 5 dinner contender to this day!


    • Laura says

      Yup and Totino’s pizza roles…. both of course with Hidden Valley light ranch! Too bad I can’t eat that way right now. I think my butt just grew thinking about it!


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