Final Day on the Carnival Sensation

The final day of our cruise was a “Fun Day at Sea,” meaning we were held captive on the Carnival Sensation and forced to eat, drink and play random cruise games.

cruise 273

Who knew captivity could be so enjoyable?

Since most of our group members were recovering from Friday’s booze cruise and eventful formal night, most of us took the fun day at sea rather easy which wasn’t too hard since the weather was very dreary.

Even though it was drizzling outside, our group still gathered on the Lido Deck and hung out by the pool underneath the awnings by the bar. We read magazines and chatted the day away. My friend Leah is getting married in October so there was lots of wedding talk going on!


Lunch aboard the ship was enjoyed buffet-style.

cruise 256

I was in a burger mood and got a cheeseburger which I ate with a side of fries, caramelized onions (my favorite!), macaroni salad and tortilla chips, followed by the obligatory soft serve cone.

I kept a schedule of the cruise activities offered by Carnival for the day in my bag and after lunch scanned the agenda to see if any activities sounded like fun. In the end, a few of us opted to participate in trivia and Scattergories aboard the ship which was entertaining.

They weren’t too picky when it came to the use of adjectives in Scattergories, so for a “clothing item” for the letter “p,” our group came up with this little gem:

Pastel purple polka dot pressed pocketed polyester pleated pants.

Sadly a victory eluded everyone in our group. We didn’t realize the use of adjectives was okay until round two when we started getting a little ridiculous. It’s much more fun to play with outrageous adjectives!


The final dinner aboard the ship was yet another tasty one!

cruise 257cruise 258

cruise 274-001

As always, it was a three-course meal.

I began with the sushi trio.

cruise 259

I could’ve easily packed in about five times that amount of sushi since each little bite was so good.

The tuna in particular was fabulous. A few members of our group got a second order of the sushi or another appetizer to share which was great.

For my entrée, I selected the vegetarian dish which included tofu and a fantastic stir fry.

cruise 260

It was really heavy on the sauce which I liked a lot, but I wished it was served with pasta or brown rice to soak up some of the sauce.

Like every night at dinner, the servers entertained diners with singing and dancing and really got into it which made everyone smile, wave their napkins and clap along.

cruise 261cruise 262

It’s totally cheesy, but as someone who adores the cheesiest things in life, I liked it!

Then it was time for dessert.

I ordered the baked Alaska which was good but not nearly as good as the chocolate melting cake everyone ordered nearly every night on the cruise.

cruise 264

I finished my baked Alaska and was left craving the warm chocolate melting cake, so I ordered a second dessert with a side of butter pecan ice cream.

cruise 265

Our group wasn’t too shy about doubling up on any one course, so I didn’t feel ridiculous about ordering a second dessert.

The waiters on cruises are always so kind and even seem to encourage you to try two dishes if you can’t decide. Don’t mind if I do! Ryan and two other guys in our group got two entrees every night!

One of my absolute favorite entrées was the vegetarian sweet potato pot pie from the first night. No one was sure what to think of it when they saw it on the menu, but Ryan had it on a previous cruise and swore it was a winner. It definitely was!

cruise 266cruise 269

You can dress us up, but you can’t take us out. Winking smile 

cruise 272

And just like that our weekend cruise was over!

Thanks so much to my friends for making it such a fun and memorable vacation!


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    Sounds like an AMAZING time! I loved reading all your recaps and seeing all the silly pictures. I’ve never been on a cruise before, but you may have sold me. Double meals & desserts… 24 hour ice cream… you’re speaking my fat kid on vacation language lol.

    Glad you had a good time and a great bday 😀


  2. says

    This reminds me of the time Craig & I went on a cruise for my cousin’s wedding (she got married on the cruise before it set sail) & a bunch of my family came along for the cruise trip as well.
    My brother in law & Craig decided that they LOVED the appetizers that we had one night (Baked Snails…I think that’s called escargo..?) that they ordered FIVE servings of them. Our waiter kept coming back & each time they would order another plate of them. It was hilarious! The staff thought they were insane!!


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    Said it before, I’ll say it again. Cruises are AMAZING!!!! You guys looked like you had an amazing time. Just makes me want to drive to the nearest port and hop the next ship to wherever! I hear that’s how you get the best deals, anyway, because they want to fill up their rooms. 🙂


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    I have never been on a cruise but would like to. Do you happen to know if they serve vegan foods? I’m vegan and I guess i was afraid they wouldn’t have any good food selections. The ship you guys were on was huge. I bet that would be a lot of fun.


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    Julie, I LOVE this green dress! I’m also a big fan of your fashion page, although my wallet is not 😉 I hope this isn’t a nosy question, but I am DYING to order the dress and wondering about sizing? True to size, what size did you order, etc.? Online shopping gives me anxiety about these things haha

    Thanks, glad you had a great vacation!


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    I was wondering cuz a few of my friends are considering going on a cruise next year since a few of them are graduating. So being fresh out of college and low on cash your booze cruise sounds like a great time.

    How does it work? It seems you went on a Carnival cruise to the Bahamas and took another cruise (that being the booze cruise)? And if that is so how does one get that type of deal? through Carnival?


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