First Run After the Half

Nine days after running the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon, I finally felt the itch to run again.

I woke up to an extra-chipper dog who also seemed to have the running itch.

Sadie and I tackled our typical 5-mile loop and it felt wonderful. I ran for fun, didn’t push myself at all and enjoyed the music on my iPod. I must admit it felt pretty good to run because I wanted to, not because my training plan said I had to. šŸ˜€


After our sweaty run, I was ready for breakfast.

Peanut butter sounded great this morning (but then again doesn’t it always?), so I made myself a peanut butter and peach sandwich, which I dusted with nutmeg before inhaling.

PB + Nutmeg

Peach + Nutmeg

PB & P Sandwich

My breakfast also included a small bowl of fresh blueberries.


A Good Way to Start the Day

If all of my breakfasts contained peanut butter and fruit, I think I’d be a happy girl.

Question of the Morning

Do you prefer working out when you’re training for a race or event or do you prefer exercising simply for the health of it?

I like having a goal in mind, but I definitely prefer simply working out for my health rather than to prepare for a race. I like doing whatever workout I feel like doing on a particular day rather than feeling like I have to do a certain workout to stick to a training plan.


  1. says

    I enjoy having a training plan to keep me motivated. Although I think after every race it is nice to have a little break to not have a “scheduled” workout to do.


  2. eatmovewrite says

    I work out “for the health of it” mostly. I’m also working out to get off the 20 pounds of weight I’ve gained since my wedding! Gah! :p


  3. brazilgrrl says

    That sandwich looks soo good, I think I’ll have it for lunch! One can never have too much peanut butter!
    I sort of like to have a vague goal in mind when I workout, but if I get to specific, the exercise loses its fun for me.


  4. says

    i like having a goal. it helps motivate me and helps me push myself instead of just running easy all the time. however, in college/hs when i was on teams year round, i did get tired of running for a purpose and wanted some time to relax. soooo i guess it goes both ways. šŸ™‚


  5. says

    After training for my show I certainly learned that I don’t like having to do a workout and much prefer flexibility. I do like having goals I’m working towards though and don’t have a problem fitting those workouts in…as long as I can still be flexible.


  6. Valerie C. says

    Although I love having a goal in mind (it pushes me to go the extra mile), I also like those lazy workout days where I don’t feel the pressure to continue.


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