Friendsgiving Menu Planning

I worked through the morning, ate lunch, worked some more and then finally decided that a workout just isn’t happening today. If I don’t make it to the gym or take Sadie for a run before noon, a rest day will more than likely take the place of a workout.

Rest days are important, too!


Lunch today revolved around one thing: Caesar dressing.

salad with black bean burger

bolthouse farms yogurt dressing caesar

I bought this Bolthouse Farms yogurt-based Caesar-Parmigiano salad dressing a little while ago and when I tried it, I was instantly smitten!

I usually prefer vinaigrette dressings to creamy dressings, but something about the parmesan flavor of this Caesar dressing called to me. It ended up being a great impulse buy, Yes, it was the dressing that motivated me to eat a salad for lunch today! 

Today’s salad included:

  • Spring mix
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Red pepper
  • 2 MorningStar Farms spicy black bean burgers
  • Caesar dressing


Friendsgiving Menu Planning

Since I sent out the invitation to our Friendsgiving party early last week, we’ve heard back from everyone and it sounds like we’re going to have a full house next weekend!

Now the pressure is on to have good food for our friends to enjoy!

As we watched a DVRed episode of New Girl last night, I grabbed a pad of paper and began jotting down menu ideas.

thanksgiving menu

(I love how turkey didn’t enter my head right away. A girl needs her sweet potato casserole and stuffing!)

So far we’re planning to make the following dishes:

  • Turkey
  • Sweet potato casserole
  • Pioneer Woman’s mashed potatoes
  • Peas (I like to stir them into my mashed potatoes. I get it from my dad.)
  • Gravy
  • My mom’s homemade stuffing (Hands down my favorite dish of Thanksgiving!)
  • Cranberry sauce 
  • Bubbee’s glazed carrots (Ryan’s favorite!)
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts
  • Green beans with caramelized onions and slivered almonds
  • Diane’s pineapple souffle (I need to get this recipe from my mother-in-law and share it with you guys because it is unreal.)

homemade stuffing

Am I forgetting anything major?

I am also hoping for your help when it comes to dessert!

Neither Ryan nor I have any strong associations with fabulous Thanksgiving desserts. (Remember the year of the ice bath pumpkin mousse!?) When I think of Thanksgiving dessert, I think of pumpkin pie and apple pie, but I feel like you guys might have some fun suggestions for slightly more decadent and creative sweet treats. (No Cherpumple, please!)

Right now the only dessert I have in mind is the pecan cake with caramel mousse and brown sugar topping that I saw in the latest issue of Cooking Light magazine. 

Suggestions (and links!) are welcome!

Question of the Afternoon

  • What is your all-time favorite Thanksgiving dish? Favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

For me, it’s all about the stuffing! As for desserts, I’ll go with pumpkin pie a la mode… with extra whipped cream.


  1. Karen says

    You have inspired me to have a Friendsgiving of my own this year, but what we are doing is having it Friday night after Thanksgiving, so everyone brings a leftover (touched up of course) and then we’re turning it into a Christmas Tree Lighting party as well! Woohoo!!! So we get rid of the leftovers and enjoy some friend-time as well. 😉 Thanks for the idea!!!


  2. stephanieS says

    My mother in law makes the most amazing stuffing. She always goes out of town however, so we make it now And I cannot have thanksgiving without hashbrown casserole!


  3. says

    Besides the turkey my favorite part of thanksgiving meals is the sweet potato casserole! I think I could just eat that for dessert and be quite happy! ha You should definitely make your pumpkin dip though, that sounded so delicious!


  4. says

    Thanksgiving is such a random holiday for me because I was such a picky eater as a child that I still have these bad habits as an adult. Although I will TRY more things now of course but I just don’t like alot of things, including Turkey.
    I think we I have these awful memories of getting to taste turkey on Thanksgiving after it was passed around to the adults first and by the time it got to myself and my siblings at the kids table, it was freezing cold. So I would pile on the salt. And that didn’t make it taste any better.
    I finally tasted mashed potatoes for the first time maybe 5 or 6 years ago. Again, I was just a really picky eater as a child and something that was all mashed up didnt appeal to me.
    So NOW, I will make something simple like an Apple Stuffing (apple cider instead of water and apple slices mixed in, deeelish!) and one year my aunt made me a Spinach and Artichoke lasagna when I went vegetarian for a year. Everyone loved it, including the meat lovers.


  5. says

    you have a bubbe???? my mom is bubbe to my twin girls!! 🙂
    anyways, my fav thanksgiving dish is…… wow so many good things to chose from but if i had to pick one i would say i like the whole berry cranberry sauce! and my fav dessert would be prob pumpkin pie with pecan pie as a a very close second!! 🙂
    also i make a delicious homemade pumpkin cheesecake with a yummy homemade gingersnap crust! mmmmm! 🙂


  6. Jennifer says

    I love mashed potatoes. One year we were cutting down the sides that we make for thanksgiving and someone suggested we cut out the potatoes.

    I don’t think that person will be invited this year, lol

    My mom also makes great stuffing and fantastic pecan pie. I really like the idea of a chocolate french silk pie for dessert. I’ve made the one from Pioneer Woman’s site and it is delish.


  7. Christina says

    I just started making this recipe last year and it is amazing. It is from Pioneer Woman and it’s super easy. i only use 1 can of the soda though.

    Also, my husband’s family makes this amazing onion, greuye (sp) cheese casserole. It is so good. Let me know if you want the recipe. It’s easy to make. Some people don’t like onions and I understand.

    Can you share all of your recipes too?!


  8. Jen B. says

    I know I’m WAY late to this post, but I wanted to share my butterscotch pecan pie recipe for your next Friendsgiving menu! I just buy the pie dough (I’m too lazy to make my own) and press it into a pie plate and chill for 30 mins. Preheat the oven t0 425 and place a baking sheet in the oven to heat for 30 minutes. For the filling: Brown 6 TB butter and let cool. Mix together 2 eggs, 3/4 c packed light brown sugar, 3/4 c light corn syrup, 1/4 c cream, 2 TB scotch, 1 TB flour, 2 tsp vanilla extract and 1/4 tsp salt. Add the browned butter once it’s cooled. Spread 2 1/4 c toasted pecan halves on top of the pie dough, pour the filling in, and place the pie on the hot baking sheet. Lower the oven temp to 325 and bake 45-55 minutes, until the filling is mostly set. This pie is YUM and my husband pretty much does whatever I want when I make it 🙂



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