Go-To Meal for One

Last night Sadie and I had some fun together! It was just the two of us for the evening since Ryan had a work conflict and I made the best of my solo night Sadie and took her on a long walk before heading home to make dinner.

photo (12)

We walked about three miles while I listened to the latest Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me podcast.

photo (11)

The most recent podcast was hilarious and I laughed out loud on more than one occasion. By the time we made it home, I was ready for dinner and quickly assembled an easy meal that included pasta, shrimp and vegetables.

This meal was ridiculously simple and came together in no time at all.

macaroni noodles with vegetables and shrimp

First, I boiled macaroni noodles and added frozen shrimp to the bubbling water at the last minute. As the shrimp cooked, I microwaved some frozen vegetables and then tossed everything together with a little bit of butter, salt and pepper.

macaroni with shrimp and veggies

Since Ryan isn’t a big-time pasta lover, it’s often one of my go-to meals when I know I’ll be dining solo at home. It’s so easy to make and I love the way you can doctor it up with different sauces, proteins and vegetables. Yum!

Some more yummy pasta recipes:

I hope you guys are having a good morning so far. I’m off to work but I’ll see ya after lunch!

Questions of the Morning

  • Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? What is your current favorite?
  • What is your favorite way to make pasta?


  1. says

    Since my blog is focused on cooking for one, I have gotten really good at throwing together some easy pasta meals. They are some of my favorites when I need something quick and filling. Some of my favorite additions include any kind of bean, tons of veggies, and canned salmon with lemon. Yum!


  2. says

    I love podcasts! I’m actually not a huge music fan while I workout for some unknown reason but I do enjoy podcasts my favorites are jillian michaels, stuff you should know, freakonomics is interesting, how stuff works, and wait wait don’t tell me is always a good one:)


  3. says

    I love so many podcasts! Ben Greenfield Fitness, Slate Political Gabfest, Freakonomics, Jillian Michaels, Marathon Training Academy … the list goes on :). Have been meaning to try out Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me since I’ve heard so much about it!


  4. says

    I like to boil pasta with red wine in the water. It gives it an extra bump in flavor.

    I’m trying to get into Pod Casts. If I go walking, which is rarely, I listen to some sort of NPR pod cast. Perhaps I’ll try a Jillian Michael’s one though!


  5. Ashlee says

    My absolute favorite podcast is Stuff You Should Know at Howstuffworks.com. The hosts, Josh and Chuck, are incredibly personable and funny. They cover a range of topics from the really mind-blowing and goofy (for instance, how lobotomies work, how dueling works or how deja vu works), right down to what might be considered mundane (ie. how earthworms work), but in their hands, even some of the more seemingly uninteresting topics are highly entertaining.


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