Grazing Through Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are the best.

x,as party 011I’m the kind of person who enjoys grazing. I eat five or six times a day, so holiday parties filled with appetizers and sweet bites are my favorite!

Unfortunately Ryan had to go into work today, so he wasn’t able to join in the festivities, which was a big bummer. 🙁

Luckily our friend Ross stayed for the day and he and I met up with our friends Pete and Merri to head to our friend Laurel’s mother’s holiday party in Oviedo, Florida.x,as party 014When we walked in, we were greeted by warm hugs and tables full of homemade appetizers and desserts. x,as party 006How cute are the snowman cupcakes!?x,as party 003 x,as party 007We spent the afternoon eating and chatting (and eating!). I also made friends with Darla, Laurel’s family’s adorable poodle.  x,as party 009x,as party 010I love hypoallergenic animals that don’t make me sneeze

During the party, we sang “Happy Birthday”to our friend and Laurel’s boyfriend, Benny. x,as party 002 Happy 26th Birthday, Benny!

Once the party was over, Merri, Pete, Ross and I headed home. Ryan got off work and arrived home about 10 minutes after Ross and I made it back to our apartment.

It was good to finally see Ryan’s face. I’ll be very happy when his workload slows down a bit!

We just said our goodbyes to Ross and now we’re hanging out on the couch for the rest of the night while I assemble all of the adorable vizsla pictures for tomorrow’s vizsla puppy post! These dogs are so stinkin’ cute.



  1. says

    I am very excited for the puppy post!! <3 That is an adorable little poodle, too. I had never heard of vizlas until I came across your blog, and I'm a huge fan of yours for sure, haha.

    Funky holiday cupcakes are the *best*.


  2. Kristen says

    Hey PB Fingers! I love your blog and am excited to see tomorrow’s cute dogs, but I would love if you looked into rescuing dogs a bit more. There are millions of loving pups who need homes, and they may not be purebred but they will love their new owners with all their heart. You have such a great platform to talk about dog rescue, and I know an educated lady like yourself would be supporting the cause if they knew more about it. Have a great night!


    • says

      I totally agree with this comment. I honestly told Ryan that if we get another vizsla, I want it to be a rescue. When we were looking to get a dog, we were pretty restricted to the breed we could get b/c of my allergies and I wasn’t aware that there were rescue groups out there for specific breeds. Now that I know that, I would love to rescue. The dogs are so adorable and just want a loving home. I’ll definitely make note of rescuing dogs in my post tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!


  3. says

    I’m allergic to dogs and cats – and basically any cute animal with fur 🙁 – and that dog is so adorable I almost can’t stand it! It gives me hope that maybe I’ll be able to have a dog someday…

    …And those snowmen cupcakes are awesome!


  4. Elizabeth says

    I agree with everyone else…love the snowman cupcake idea! Couldn’t really tell what the nose was though…orange gumdrop maybe?


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