Holiday Returns

I think three quarters of the population in Ocala decided to handle their holiday returns yesterday. After an early morning church service, Ryan and I hit up a few stores to make some returns and exchanges.

Our first stop took us to Dick’s Sporting Goods where Ryan and I spent some time combing through the sale racks.

I found a cute pair of mesh Under Armour shorts that were on mega sale.

under armor shorts mesh

When I tried them on and the extra thick waistband didn’t dig into my sides, I was sold.

We then walked to Ulta because I recently received an email saying that I needed to use the rewards points I’ve accumulated this year. Unfortunately, after speaking with someone at the checkout counter, I learned that the Ulta in Ocala doesn’t accept rewards points (but you can accumulate them there because that makes sense), so I was out of luck. Looks like my mom will have some rewards points to use at the Ulta in Jacksonville!

Before leaving, I made one purchase inspired by my friend Ashley.

big sexy hair

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play!

I used some of Ashley’s Powder Play when we were in New York City earlier this month and it added some much-needed volume to my super-flat roots. It’s basically an odorless sticky powder that allows you to easily fluff up your roots. Let’s hope it can work some magic on the thinnest hair in the world.

Before leaving Ulta, Ryan and I took some time to smell the fragrances on display.

Guess who has their own perfume?

hiking 007

The Biebs. Oh yes.

justin bieber perfume

When I asked Ryan why in the world Justin Bieber’s “Girlfriend” perfume didn’t find its way into my Christmas stocking, he said it’s because I’m not his girlfriend, I am his wife. Ah! Makes perfect sense.

Ryan and I made one more pit stop before heading home for lunch.

At Carlton Cards, I laughed out loud when I paged through this book.

hiking 011

hiking 012

hiking 013

hiking 014

That last one is spot-on in our house.

Ryan likes it to be a cool 75 degrees inside and I like it to be 110 degrees at all times. Winking smile


Once we arrived home, lunch came together quickly.

hiking 017

Sautéed chicken sausage + Zucchini + Sweet potato

hiking 018

Plus some midday Blue Bell gingerbread house ice cream for dessert!

hiking 020

After lunch, we bundled up and drove out to the nearby hiking trails to complete a 4.5 mile loop with Sadie.

hiking 027

It was chilly but within 10 minutes of walking, we warmed up and had a great late afternoon hike.

hiking 030


Toward the end of our hike, Ryan suggested dropping Sadie off after we were done on the trails and heading back out for a casual dinner at Pronto’s Pizza, a local Italian restaurant.

A guy at our gym highly recommended Pronto’s to us last week and we’ve been looking for an excuse to try it ever since.

We decided to order our own salads and then share a calzone.

I opted for the Greek salad and ate every last bite, including the three buttery garlic knots that came on the side.

hiking 032

It was fantastic and included lots of black olives and creamy feta cheese.

The calzone was delicious as well and they were quite generous with the cheese!

hiking 033hiking 034

We spent the rest of the night cuddled up on the couch watching The Hunger Games that we rented from Red Box.

Now I need to shower fast because we have a late morning movie date on the books!


  1. sandy says

    sooo….you went out to return stuff and took pictures of pages of a book? Do people not think you are crazy when they see you out? I come on here for recipes, but sometimes do not get the self importance of bloggers. Look at me! Check out my cute outfit! Here is what I did today! Get a journal.


    • says

      i’m sorry you feel that way, sandy. there are a lot of food/recipe-focused blogs out there, so perhaps that would be a better fit for you? my blog follows my life and doesn’t include as many recipes as blogs that strictly focus on food/recipes, so if my style of blogging doesn’t appeal to you, there are a ton of food blogs out there that would likely be a better match.


      • Jen says

        I’m sorry people can be so rude, Julie! Keep doing what you’re doing! Your “About” page clearly states that this blog shares recipes, exercise tips and musings about your life. It really IS your journal, just online! If people don’t want to read it, don’t read it! I do not understand actually taking the time to post unkind words. There are plenty of us who really enjoy your cute outfits and daily adventures, so keep posting and Happy New Year!


  2. Crystal G says

    Oh man! I’ve had my eye on that blubell gingerbread icecream for weeks! I may have to break down and get it; it looks so good!


  3. Ryann says

    Julie — just wanted to say that I think your hair is beautiful! I have lost the majority of my hair due to ongoing illness (I suppose you could say that I, and not you, have the “thinnest hair in the world”). I’m sure that you are making your comments in jest, but just remember that some ladies would be thrilled to have your hair. Thanks!


  4. says

    I have to say Julie, I love how cute you and your husband are and appreciate the example you two set in not only how visibliy in love you both are, but how you both seem to be best friends! Love seeing you Floridians bundle up for the “cold weather”! I am from Florida, but I have been living in the Midwest for the last two years and it is FREEZING here! I miss the Florida cold!

    I also LOVE those shorts! I might have to get a pair. . .


  5. Lia says

    My hubby and I also ventured out to tackle the returning tasks and it was packedddd. It was fun to spend time together though and we treated ourselves to a beer and dinner out afterwards!



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