Hometown Claim to Fame

For those of you who tweeted to me last night during The Bachelor, yes, Lindzi did bring Ben to my new hometown of Ocala to meet her family!

lindzi bachelor

And yes, Ocala is known for horses. Ocala is actually known as the “horse capital of the world.”  Fancy, huh? I live in quite the happenin’ place!

Ryan and I were waiting to see if Lindzi took Ben anywhere out and about in Ocala to get some more ideas of fun things to do in our little town, but they stayed close to home. Looks like riding horses really is one of the main forms of entertainment here!

Too bad our steed is a bit smaller than most…

dog faster than horse


Today’s workout began with 10 minutes on the arc trainer, followed by 10 minutes on the elliptical.

Then it was time for some strength training! I spent about 35 minutes completing the following exercises:

back bicep workout


Last night as my mushroom and spinach wheat berry mock risotto was simmering, I took advantage of the wait time and chopped up a bunch of vegetables to use throughout the rest of the week.

It was a nice lil’ time-saving shortcut that came in handy this morning!

mushroom spinach wheat berry risotto 025

I used chopped onion, red and yellow pepper in a three-egg and cheese scramble and loved the added punch of flavor and color. Plus, they  were much prettier than typical scrambled eggs! 

mushroom spinach wheat berry risotto 028

These eggs were so good that I’m considering making tonight a “breakfast for dinner” kind of night!

Question of the Morning

  • What is your hometown’s “claim to fame?”
  • What do you think your hometown should be known for?

Ocala is all about horses and Orlando was definitely known for all of the Disney theme parks, though there is so much more to both places! If you have plans to travel to Orlando, I highly recommend venturing outside of the parks and taking in some of the other wonderful things that the city has to offer. I list my favorite “non-theme park” activities in this post: Orlando: The Non-Theme Park Side.


  1. says

    The place my mom lives that I moved to when I was 14 is called Ferndale, CA. Its one of those places where everyone knows everyone. when I go back home my facebook blows up with “Raquel, I heard you are home” not even 2 minutes after I cross the Bridge over the river! Its a little touristy/dairy town in Northern California on the coast. They have filmed 4 movies there “The Majestic” (which I was an extra in for 3 months), “Outbreak” and “Salems Lot”. The town is also depicted in LegoLand! Its pretty funny, the Lego people came to ferndale and then decided they were going to depict it in LegoLand without telling anyone! Ferndale has tons of Danish settlers, and Lego is a Danish company, so that was the allure for the Lego people. Ferndale also boasts the oldest horse racing track in California. It was the runner up for the location of the movie “Seabiscuit”, but they went with another location.

    Ferndale’s Main Street Depicted in Legoland http://www.flickr.com/photos/billward/110294042/


  2. says

    My Hometown is a small town up in northern california called Ferndale. It’s a small town of 1200 people, that is right on the Lost Coast and has many dairys and Bed and Breakfasts. Ferndale is depicted in LegoLand! http://www.flickr.com/photos/billward/110294042/
    And they have also filmed 3 movies there “The Majestic” (Which I was an extra in for 3 months), “Outbreak” and “Salem’s Lot”.
    It also boasts California’s oldest horse racing track. They were considering filming Seabiscuit there, but we lost out to another town!



  3. Hollie Nicholson says

    My hometown is known for the Indianapolis 500 and most recently hosting the greatest Superbowl of all time, and of course for our Hoosier Hospitality. As a state, nothing beats the basketball here.


  4. says

    Providence RI is known for a ton of things, RISD, BROWN, Waterfire… RI is actually a pretty cool place to live because we have it all within a very small space..We have the beach, woods, city…1/2 an hour from each other and Boston and NY are pretty close too..


  5. Nathan Miller says

    Portland Indiana….hometown of a few thousand people, in the middle of the cornfields of North East Indiana. Known for corn, soybeans, Amish…and oh…one of the largest Antique Tractor and Motor conventions in the county…its a little backwards at times, but am proud to call it my hometown


  6. jules says

    hi julie! i am in a breakfast rut and looked to your website (which i follow daily!) for some inspiration! i noticed you eat a lot of eggs…do you ever worry about cholesterol? do you know how many eggs per week is a good amount? thanks!


  7. Terri says

    Unfortunantly, the only thing Flagstaff is known for is tourism. We’re so close to the Grand Canyon. There’s a great university here though. I love it anyway!
    I love breakfast for dinner, too!


  8. sarah says

    I’m from lexington kentucky- and its actually a big debate where the horse capitol of the world is- but we definately lay claim to that title!! And funny enough- i’m flying into orlando TOMORROW <- excited face for some warmth… and will definately be reading your orlando- the non theme park suggestions! I'm running the disney princess half on sunday and making a mini vacation out of it!


  9. Cheryl says

    I’m from the Pocono Mountains, PA, land of the heart-shaped pools and champagne glass bath tubs, which stand 7 feet tall I might add. I’ve seen those rooms in person and they also have mirrors on the ceiling. Ha! This is a major vacation area that has everything you could imagine, but it’s also only two hours from NYC and three hours from Atlantic City.


  10. Fernando Rumore says

    The reason Iran wants nukes in the first place is that they see the actions of the US and Israel and to a small extent Pakistan and existential threats. We have misplayed our hand in our dealings with Iran.


  11. Zoe says

    Well my hometown is Seattle, and is known for rain and coffee! These things are actually very appropriate and yes, it does drizzle almost all the time (except right now!)

    What I wish Seattle was known for is the beautiful scenery from being on the coast, having three large lakes in the city, and our beautiful Cascade Mountains and Mt. Ranier so close and visible. I also wish people knew how active Seattleites are, and what good readers we are! Seattle always ranks highly on checking out the most books from the library and being the most well-read.



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