House Without A Key

Ryan and I had only one requirement for last night’s dinner. We wanted to enjoy our evening meal with a view of the ocean.

After hearing a handful of recommendations for House Without A Key, we decided to walk over to the nearby restaurant and grab a table outside for an early dinner.

house without a key waikiki 006

house without a key waikiki 009

house without a key waikiki 008

We were escorted to a table outside and immediately loved the atmosphere of the restaurant.

house without a key waikiki 010

house without a key waikiki 011

We enjoyed the beautiful views and live music while trying new-to-us beers.

I fell in love with the Fire Rock Pale Ale.

house without a key waikiki 012

While we waited on our entrées, Ryan and I dug into the bread basket (so good!) and shared a bowl of tomato soup.

house without a key waikiki 014

house without a key waikiki 016

The idea of tomato soup kind of grosses me out (I feel like I’m eating a bowl of tomato sauce), but this soup tasted more like a bisque and was perfectly creamy. Ryan ordered it for himself initially, but after I sampled a bite and gave it rave reviews, he offered to share and I happily accepted. I didn’t even have to bust out the whole “we’re married, so what’s mine is yours” spiel.

I’m pretty sure Joey Tribiani would hate me. “Joey doesn’t share food!” house without a key waikiki 018

For my main course, I ordered the Cajun spiced shutome (swordfish) with a tomato, caper and onion relish.

house without a key waikiki 020

Can you tell I liked it?

house without a key waikiki 022

Fresh fish and fresh seafood is, without a doubt, my favorite type of food to order at a restaurant. Ryan and I eat a lot of salmon at home, but we rarely (if ever) prepare fancy fish or shellfish, so ordering it at a restaurant always seems to appeal to me!

House Without A Key knows a thing or two about how to prepare fish because my swordfish was incredibly flavorful. The chef did a great job of highlighting the natural flavor of the fish and kicking it up a notch with the fresh tomato caper relish. I was a fan.

After dinner, Ryan and I spent some time out and about in Waikiki and had a wonderful evening.

Plans for today include exploring the North Shore!

P.S. The Fashion page was updated.


  1. Jill @ Life in Big Bites says

    Love Kona Brewing Company! The Fire Rock Pale Ale is my favorite, but the Koko Brown and Wailua Wheat are also pretty amazing.

    I live in DC, so it’s nice to have a bit of Hawaii here when I can get it. ; )



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