Hula Hoop Lady Returns

I feel like we’re all a little bit closer now after last night’s ass grass tale.

You should probably know that Sadie has officially disowned me as her doggie mama, but that’s okay because I have a feeling she’ll take me back when I bribe her with some chicken jerky. I know the way to her heart.

For now, I think I deserve the cold shoulder she’s givin’ me.

"I Can't Even LOOK at You. You Disgrace Me."


This morning I woke up excited (seriously!) to head to the gym because I knew a boot camp class awaited me.

I took the same boot camp class offered by my gym for the first time two weeks ago and fell in love! I missed last week because we were in Sanibel, so I was extra amped to try it out again today.

Like the class fromย  two weeks ago, the instructor created six circuits that we completed two times. By the time we were done, my face was dripping!

I think boot camp-style workouts are the type of exercise I enjoyย  most. I’m not a particularly fast runner, I get bored very easily and I’m just about the least competitive person on the planet. Boot camp classes appeal to me because they’re fast-paced enough to fight boredom and since the circuits are short, I feel extra motivated to go all out since they’ll be done in no time. Love!

After boot camp, I cooled down with 20 minutes on the elliptical while reading blogs on my phone. (Loved Kailey’s blog post from last night!)

Hula Hooper Returns

Long-time PBF readers may remember when I blogged about a woman I saw hula hooping her way around Lake Eola in downtown Orlando last summer. Well, this morning I spotted her again on my walk with Sadie!

Fortunately this time I had my phone on me and snapped a picture of her in all her glory.

Behold, the expert hula hooper!

"Me, I Want a Huuuuula Hoooooop!"

The woman is seriously talented. I watched her for a solid five minutes (I’m so creepy) and she didn’t stop or adjust once!

Though my hula hoop talents are minimal, my eating talents are on point, so I did what I do best after our walk and ate some breakfast.


On the menu today:

  • Toasted sweet wheat Alternative Bagel (I buy these at Publix)
  • Chocolate PB2
  • Sliced banana (Yes, I grabbed the last one, Ryan. I’m a monkey and I’m sorry!)
  • Pumpkin pie spice
  • Strawberry banana Greek yogurt


So satisfying!I wish I would’ve frozen the banana because I love cool banana slices on top of my peanut buttery bagels. Next time!

Dig In!

Time to work. The weekend starts SOON!


  1. says

    omg i just read your ass grass post and died…too funny. I also love bootcamp, but my gym doesnt have them! ๐Ÿ™ But you are right..bootcamp makes sure you never get bored and they are great for working all ur muscles!

    happy friday love!



  2. Anna says

    Hi! Have you ever tried Tabata? You might like it if you love doing boot camps. You do a set of 8 exercises like squats, push ups, or v sits. Each exercise is done for 20 seconds then you get 10 seconds rest. This is done 8 times for each exercise before taking a 1 minute rest before starting the next exercise. The goal is to keep the amount of reps you do constant for all 8 rounds of the exercise.
    I love doing tabata because it is so fast paced you do not have time to get bored and I’m often sore days after.

    ps. I love Sadie’s comments under her pictures! She looks like such a sweetie ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. says

    I wish any of the gyms near me offered classes like Body Pump or bootcamp style classes. Actually I think the one I go to has one, but it starts like three hours before I wake up! It’s kinda frustrating because they only offer classes at the crack of dawn and super late at night. I need something in the middle people!


  4. natalie says

    i think this is my first time to comment here i have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now, found you through your meals and moves guest post. when i came to your page today and saw hula hoop at the top i knew i had to comment! i am a avid hula hooper! i have many different hoops and can do a number of tricks. there are some really talented girls out there that can hoop very good, im not there yet. but hope i will be someday!! does that woman walk and hoop?? because that is like EXTREMELY hard!! hooping burns like 10 cals a min. pretty bitchin workout. its also very zen.


  5. says

    Oh my goodness, 5 minutes straight of hula hooping?! That is crazy! I totally would’ve gone up to her and talked to her. I’m just like that, though… ha!

    Your bootcamp class sounds freaking amaaaazing! Really motivates me to try one out ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. says

    I did bootcamp last night and I am so sore today! We do 3 min cardio then 3 min weights and each 3 minutes is a diff station. I love it!
    I also took the last banana this morning ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. says

    the hula hoop lady is great ๐Ÿ™‚

    on my bike path, i always look forward to the summer crowd because we see the same faces everyday and it’s fun to say hi. sometimes though, there are random folks….like the lady who walks with a tiny boom box (no headphones, a straight up boom box) and sings along. precious ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. says

    That pic of Sadie made me giggle. Hilarious!

    Random question–and I apologize if I asked before–but how do you like your phone? You got a Droid, right? I am waffling between that and the iPhone and looking for as much input as I can get!


  9. KAREN says

    In response to you saying how much you loved KAILEY’s pot.. you MUST read this –
    I cried at my desk and then printed it out and posted it in my mirror
    SO moving!! Gillian wrote about her body..
    Here is a sentence:
    I will remind myself that you are made for moving, loving, dancing and eventually bringing more beauty to this world. I will make sure you are strong and healthy so that I can do this.


  10. MJ says

    I love boot camp style workouts!

    I wonder if her hoola hoop is weighted or a regular one? Apparently you can get weighted hoola hoops to use for workouts.



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