Jump Rope + Lower Body Circuit Workout

Last Saturday when I featured a picture of Ryan tackling a ridiculously high box jump on the blog, I had a bunch of requests to post a video of him in action.


Ask and you shall receive! 

Today I made sure to bring my camera to the gym and told Ryan to get psyched because I needed to capture one of his box jumps on video to share with you guys.

box jumps 002

Heeere ya go!


Ryan’s Box Jump

(Click here to see the video on YouTube if the imbedded video isn’t working for you.)

Every time I see him do one of those box jumps, I hold my breath and get awfully nervous. The boxes are sturdy, but I freak out about jumping onto a box that comes up to my knees. Ryan swears that jumping that high is 99 percent mental and I am 99 percent mentally convinced it’s impossible for me.

Though box jumps didn’t make it into my workout today, I managed to complete a pretty stellar circuit workout that focused on lower body exercises with lots of jump roping thrown into the mix.

jump rope lower body circuit workout

All the jump ropin’ kept my heart rate up and I enjoyed the mix of cardio and leg exercises. Though you can definitely do this circuit without any weights, I used the following weights for the first three exercises:

  • Squats: 95 lbs.
  • Stationary Lunges: 40 lb. bar
  • Bridges: 25 lbs.

It was a good one!


On our way home, Ryan once again wanted his favorite hot cakes from McDonald’s, so I got an iced coffee to sip on as I prepared my morning meal.

mcdonald's iced coffeeI copied last Saturday’s breakfast and made a batch of Paleo oatmeal (adding an extra egg white and another half of a banana to Joelle’s recipe) and ate it along with a cup of key lime pie Greek yogurt.  

box jumps 009

I hope your Saturday is off to a fantastic start!


  1. Laura Gallegly says

    I was impressed by that jump! I showed my husband, and now he is determined to beat it…he would like to know how high it is so he can get his own private little competition started!



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