Labor Day Pool Time

The sun is shining on this beautiful Labor Day making it a perfect day for playtime by the pool!

outside kiddie pool 004

My sister, Ryan and I took advantage of our new pool and got some color on our skin while splashing around.

It was adult swim, so Sadie made sure to stick to her kiddie pool.

outside kiddie pool 003

That or she’s just terrified of the people pool.

Her kiddie pool suits her juuust fine!



My sister wanted to get back on the road early this afternoon, so we made sure to fill her belly before she hit the road.

We made a satisfying lunch of fettuccine with sautéed zucchini, red onions, portobello mushrooms and marinara sauce. 

outside kiddie pool 007

outside kiddie pool 011

I love eating lunches that seem more like dinners. They’re so comforting!

Time to put on some real clothes before hitting up yet another furniture store. This one is a little over an hour away, but they have a couch we’ve been eyeing on the internet the floor, so we want to sit on it and make sure it’s as comfy as it looks.

I’m hopeful!

Oh and guess whose home office is fully decorated??? Smile


  1. says

    The kiddie pool is a great idea! Maybe we should try a kiddie pool for Butters. He absolutely refused to go into the big pool at my in-laws’ house but got a bit too hot outside =( We want to try him out in Lake Erie but it just got super cold today here in Cleveland, OH…hopefully it won’t stay that way for long.

    Also, you guys have a really big yard! I hope you have a riding mower…


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