Last Workout of 2010

This morning I completed my last workout of 2010. Since it was the last workout of the year, I had to make it a good one, right?


Ben Saperia, a good friend of Ryan’s, is opening his own fitness center on Monday. Earlier this week, Ryan suggested we go check it out this morning and said Ben, an amazing personal trainer, might even put me through a workout! saperia fitness 062Though I love my current routine, I am beginning to feel like I’m not seeing any changes and I know I haven’t really been pushing myself too hard lately. I figured a workout from Ben would help introduce me to some new exercises I might want to incorporate into my training. (Sounds like one of my new year’s resolutions, no?) Plus, Ben has worked with professional athletes and definitely knows his stuff. saperia fitness 050Ben’s facility is awesome! The equipment is all state-of-the-art and I love the simplistic, no-nonsense feel of the place.

When we arrived, we chatted with Ben a bit and he asked me about my current routine. I told him about one of my typical total-body weights workouts and he used that to craft a personalized total-body routine for me while I did 20 minutes of cardio on the elliptical. saperia fitness 054 Ben created a four-part circuit for me, with each part focusing on a different area of the body (legs, back, upper body, core).

Each circuit included three different exercises, which we repeated back-to-back before resting for a minute and repeating them again until three sets were completed.

The exercises that challenged me most were the single-leg squats using the Bosu ball, push-ups and holding a plank.

Fortunately the plank exercise came at the end of the workout. Since we did it three times, I called out to Ben and Ryan to tell me a story while I held my body in plank to take my mind off what I was doing.saperia fitness 037 Their story?

“There once was a girl who had to hold a plank for 60 seconds.”saperia fitness 038Thanks, guys.

After my workout, I told Ben that my body felt fatigued, but I didn’t feel like death, which was a great. I definitely got a great workout and learned a ton of different exercises. I can’t wait to incorporate Ben’s workout into my own routine!

Ryan worked out while Ben was training me, so once we were all done, we chatted for a bit. saperia fitness 058I loved talking with Ben and hearing his philosophy on fitness. saperia fitness 059He did such a great job training me because he challenged me, but knew when to let up and was always positive and encouraging. Plus, he has a British accent which makes anything he says seem nice. 😀

As Ben and I were talking, I mentioned the idea of a “Blogger Boot Camp” class to him. I think it would be really neat for me and a bunch of you readers/bloggers out there in the Orlando area to meet up for a fun workout with Ben. He would definitely get you sweating, but understands limitations and knows how to make workouts challenging, effective and fun.

If you’d be interested in attending a Blogger Boot Camp class (for free!) and live in the Central Florida area, please let me know! You can comment below or shoot me an email at If there’s an interest, I’ll work with Ben to set something up!

Now I’ve got some errands to run! I’ll be back with a dog park/lunch/ our New Year’s Eve plans post soon!


  1. amy says

    I would love it if u posted the workout routine u guys did. I live in jacksonville but would be willing to drive down for the bootcamp. I’m coming in town Monday can u rec any good healthy restraunts?


  2. Avery says

    I would love to hear more about the exercises he had you do! Maybe a video? Or just pictures to see what kind of exercises he suggested?

    Happy New Year!


  3. Robyn says

    Sounds amazing to do a blogger bootcamp! I live in Jax but would head to Orlando for the day if it was on a weekend to meet the group an get new ideas!


  4. Lindsey says

    If you do a meetup with readers, please share the details of the workout routine you do so that those of us out of the area can try it for ourselves!
    I suck at pushups, but planks don’t really bother me. Love your face in the 2nd plank photo 🙂


  5. Michele says


    Maybe this “boot camp” idea could be incorporated in your 2011 blog ideas. So many of us have a shared interest in fitness but we live so far away!
    Perhaps you could post your bootcamp workout (and maybe more than once?) I’d would for sure incorporate it in my route up here in Ohio!


  6. says

    I would definitely be interested in a blogger bootcamp! I want to be more serious about working out in 2011. I end up running or doing jazzercise because machines look so intimidating, so it would be great to learn the correct technique for things rather than me trying to figure out from a video and then I just end up sitting on the couch eating cookie dough instead.



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