Life Lessons from Sadie

Last week I saw one of the most adorable blog posts on Tina’s blog where she posted Life Advice from Murphy which detailed, through pictures, everything her pug has taught her about life.

You guys know I am basically obsessed with Sadie (and all dogs) and as I read her post, my mind instantly started thinking about all the things I’ve learned from Sadie.

So, without further ado, here are life lessons from Sadie…


The best things in life are free.


Sharing is caring. 

sadie dog park 016

Fight for the things you believe in.


Not every day is a good day… but that’s okay.


Don’t be afraid to say you’re sorry.


Get all gussied up every once in a while.


Keep your nose in your own business.


Always make time for family.


Laugh every day.


Eat the foods you love without guilt.


Stay active.


Don’t be afraid to leap into the unknown.


Sometimes a hug makes everything better.


Haters are gonna hate. Shake it off.

dog park 040

Calories from taste testing don’t count.

thanksgiving 009

Sadie is so wise. Winking smile 

Have you learned anything from a pet?


  1. says

    Awwww I absolutely loved this post!!!
    The only advice that my cat could give would be to eat whenever possible and sleep the rest of the time. 😛


  2. mel says

    Aww I have a choc lab puppy and when we got her she was so tiny and sick!! shes taught me to love even when you feel awful, theres always time for exercise, treats any time of day are perfect, and cuddling makes everything better! My boxer was a stray but continues to give more love than imaginable even though he has had such a tragic life!He’s so happy now and has taught me I can overcome anything and to never hold grudges. Dogs are SO great!!


  3. says

    I adore this! Loooved Lisa’s original.

    I think Chloe’s too much of a baby still to teach me too much (she’s still learning!), but she definitely HAS taught me that sometimes, you just need to be selfish. 🙂 I’m trying to not let her rub off on me too much. 😉


  4. Sarah says

    Sadie is the cutest and happiest looking dog. Your blog has definitely convinced me that a vizla is the kind of dog I want to get.


  5. says

    hahahha OMG my favorite is “not every day is a good day” hilarious picture! And the active one of her running, she is SO MUSCULAR!
    All the pictures are intensely adorable i love her!


  6. Swati says

    Hi Julie!
    Happened to pass by your blog…. Sadie seems an integral part of your life..
    I don’t if you are really a very lucky girl or not but I can pretty much see in your cheerful smiles all through the blog how you enjoy moment of your life…



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