Long Runs = Mini Milestones

One of the very best parts of half marathon training for me is the feeling I get after I complete a long run. Oddly enough, long runs are my favorite part of training because each one feels like a mini milestone.

I mean how can you not feel like a badass after running 10 miles!?

gingerbread pancakes 009

Right around 7:30 a.m., Ryan, Sadie and I set out to run the 10 miles on our training plan. I started off feeling very sluggish. The first five miles were somehow much harder than the final five for me.

It’s very dreary in Ocala this morning and a light drizzle kept us cool and a bit wet for 80 percent of our run. The light rain felt really nice and thankfully didn’t turn into a full-out downpour, though from the looks of the sky, a storm is a-brewin’!

During our run, I made sure to fuel with strawberry Gu Chomps at the six-mile mark.

gingerbread pancakes 011

Though it may have been totally mental, I felt much better after downing the Chomps and the final four miles ticked by fairly quickly, though I did get a bit of a cramp around mile 7.5.


As we were on our final mile of our run, Ryan turned to me saying that he had a huge craving for McDonald’s hot cakes. I remembered the delicious Stonewall Kitchen gingerbread pancake mix we got this week and suggested gingerbread pancakes to him instead. He was more than game.

Gingerbread + Pancakes!? How can you not be intrigued?

Oh my gosh, these pancakes were so good!

gingerbread pancakes 013

We both ate a big plate full of the pancakes to quell our post-run hunger.

gingerbread pancakes 014

gingerbread pancakes 018

These pancakes remind me of Christmas morning. I feel like they would be such a fun and festive thing to eat before diving into presents.

And now I have a craving for my mom’s monkey bread that she always makes on Christmas morning

Time to change and pack for Orlando. I’m spending the weekend with my friend Laurel and can’t wait to see her!


  1. says

    When I was training for my half I always had to have my energy food at the 6 mile mark. I think it was because it is kind of half way and I think after that it is all “down hill” so I would always feel much better after that too! Who knows…it probably is mental! 🙂


  2. says

    I am training for my half as well. The rain has been pouring down in Miami but I was able to fit in a run yesterday Morning. Today I am going to try the interval treadmill run you posted back in March :). Those pancakes sound amazing! Congrats on a great run!


  3. Sam @ owlmazing says

    Indeed. Even just training for my 10k today, every new km is a new thing you accomplish. It feels so good! Such a swell of pride after.


  4. Katie M. says

    We have monkey bread every Christmas morning. My mom started it when I was like in 5th grade and I have now passed on the tradition with my hubby and kids. I can’t imagine Christmas morning without it!


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