Morning Workout with Michael

Wanna know what takes an interval workout to the next level?

A little bit of Michael.

   michael jackso

About 10 minutes into my treadmill workout, “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” came on my iPod and I found myself flyin’!

My mind instantly thought of all the fun we had dancing to Michael Jackson at my friend Leah’s wedding last weekend.



Pretty sure there’s nothing more fun than belting out every word to a song as loud as you can and cheesily dancing with your girlfriends. Our moves are seriously intense.

Since my mind was thinking about last weekend, dancing and other memories I have associated with Michael Jackson’s music, my 50-minute treadmill workout was over before I knew it.

Minutes Incline Speed
0-5 8.0 4.0
5 – 15 1.0 6.5
15-20 8.0 4.0
20-25 1.0 6.5
25-45 1.0 Alternate 4.5 for one minute with 8.0 for one minute
45-49 8.0 4.0
49-50 5.0 4.0

I cooled down to a little more Michael. That song from the Free Willy soundtrack is the JAM.

Walk + Breakfast

Another work out done. Another walk around the lake with the dog. Another beautiful morning in Orlando.


Once our 40-minute walk was over, it was breakfast time.

It’s been more than a week since I’ve made a smoothie. What is wrong with me!?

Naturally I had to fix that immediately and made myself a chocolate protein smoothie right as I walked in the door.

chocolate protein smoothie 001

That’s more like it.

chocolate protein smoothie 002

And now I’m freezing. Smoothies always make me so cold. I guess that means it’s coffee time!



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