NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I never used to think of myself a superstitious person, but I’m beginning to think that I am.

This morning, when I got dressed for the day, I made sure to wear my turquoise sparkly BIC Band. I wore it during the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon when I broke two hours for the first time and I wore it again two weeks ago when I achieved a PR during the ZOOMA half marathon. Now I feel like it might be a little lucky, so I figured why not wear it today when I headed off to take my NASM exam?

zooma florida

Yep, today I took the NASM Certified Personal Trainer examination late this morning and I have some good news to share!

NASM pass

I passed! Woo!

I guess sparkly BIC Bands may be a little lucky after all. Smile 

At around 8:30 a.m., I drove to a tiny airport in Crystal River, Florida that served as the testing facility for my exam. I checked in and went over my study guide and note cards for another 30 minutes before I was escorted into the testing room.

NASM study materials

One hundred and twenty questions and a little more than an hour later, I was done!

When the man who ran the testing facility informed me that I passed, I felt awfully excited! (Unfortunately NASM doesn’t reveal your exact score after you take the exam and and you’re simply awarded “Pass” or “Fail.”)

I plan to do a whole post about my experience with NASM since I’ve already received a handful of emails from you guys with lots of questions, so stay tuned for that next week. If you have any questions you’d like to see addressed, feel free to ask away in the comments section of this post. I know I had a million questions when I began researching personal training certifications and then once I had my study materials, I felt a little overwhelmed, so I’d love to help those of you interested in any way that I can.

As for what exactly I plan to do with this certification, I’m not 100 percent sure. My main motivation for obtaining the certification was to possibly teach group exercise classes. While I know you don’t necessarily need a personal training certification to teach group exercise, I love it when group exercise instructors seem to have a greater knowledge of muscles and exercises and wanted to have that knowledge. While teaching group exercise still intrigues me, I have a few other ideas floating around in my mind and have some opportunities on the backburner that I may be interested in pursuing. I’ll be sure to take you guys along for the ride!


When I arrived home, I was awfully hungry and immediately grabbed a pear to eat.


As I ate my pear, I made myself a chicken salad sandwich on 5-grain sub bread from the Publix bakery.

Chicken Salad Sub Sandwich


Dessert was a couple of small handfuls of peanut M&Ms.

peanut m&ms valentine's day

So good!

Nine Years

Today is actually a rather special day for me and Ryan. It’s our nine-year dating anniversary!


(Kappa Delta camo social, 2006 – Just lil’ babies!)

Ryan told me this morning that he has a surprise date planned for us tonight. (He later told me that if I didn’t pass my test and didn’t feel like going out to celebrate, his alternate idea was an “eat ice cream on the couch date night” which sounded awfully fabulous, too.) I’m not sure what’s on the agenda, but I’ll be sure to report back in the morning.

I hope you’re having a fabulous Friday and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Barb says

    Congratulations!!!! On passing your NASM exam. I did the ACE group certification and yes when you find out you passed is the best feeling!!! I am also interested in NASM and would love to know more info about the process for it. I love your blog!!


  2. Christina says

    Congrats on passing your exam! I taught a few group exercise class in college and I always felt like I should have known about the body and how it truly works!!

    I also wanted to mention, I was at a body pump class today and I had a similar experience with a weird instructor with a newbie! I, unfortunately dont think she will be returning!


  3. Cassie says

    Congrats Julie!!! What was your study plan and timeline? I just received my book in the mail and I am starting to study, but I want to create some type of plan since I only got the book. Thanks!


  4. says

    Congrats, Julie!!! What an awesome accomplishment. By the way, my grandma used to have a townhouse in Crystal River. Such a small town. Interesting that the test was there. Take care!


  5. says

    Congratulations on passing your certification. I am about 6 weeks out from taking my test so you know I am cramming as much information as possible!
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


  6. Carm says

    Congrats on passing! I also enjoy when people take the time to learn about the muscles in and movement of the body- IMO it adds to someone’s legitimacy (versus making up what they say or repeating what they heard on TV/the internet)!!

    I already love your blog and bet that I will even more now!


  7. Nikki says

    Congrats on passing!!! You should use to teach the Les Mills classed your gym in Ocala since they don’t currently offer them!!!

    Right now I am studying to be a registered dietitian but I am seriously considering studying to be a personal trainer as well! I think they will go hand in hand. Looking forward to your post about NASM.


  8. Rachelle says

    Congratulations!! That is so awesome! I’ve been wanting to get certified for so long now, but never gone through with it because of fear. You really inspired me to go for it! Thank you! Congrats again!


  9. says

    Can you do both then? Ha 😉 Congrats Julie! That’s a huge accomplishment. I’d love to do a course like that also. I’m a group fitness instructor- so welcome to the club 😉


  10. says

    Congratulations, Julie!! I am studying for the NASM exam as well. Something I’d like to see in your recap post is a highlighting of the main areas you studied or saw pop up on the exam. That would be really helpful for someone like me who is preparing!


  11. Lisa says

    I’m currently going to college to become a personal trainer. My professor said that you are able to get a better job/more clients if you have a college degree in health fitness/exercise science. Also if you want to teach group fitness it is also handy to have a group fitness instructor certification. Good luck! 🙂



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