New Magazines at Long Last

At long last, my gym had some new magazines on hand! I’ve made due with reading the same issues of Parenting and Better Homes & Gardens for too many weeks now.

(Ryan says he thinks I’m going to use the tips I learn in Parenting magazine on him. Like this one: If you want a kid to agree with your idea, ask them a series of questions to which you know they’ll answer yes and then sneak in your real question. Parenting magazine: Offering manipulation tips galore!)

Today I grabbed a new-to-me issue of Women’s Health from November 2011. An interesting magazine can make steady-state cardio go by so much faster.

My 20 minute warm up on the elliptical flew by. Before I knew it, my time was up and I was off to conquer this leg workout:

leg workout

Right after I finished the three minutes of non-stop squats (inspired by my long lost love, BodyPump), I told Ryan that I am going to be sore tomorrow. I can already tell!

My body isn’t used to doing endurance weight training like it was when I was doing BodyPump three times a week. (I miss BodyPump so much.


Breakfast today was fast and microwavable!

protein oatmeal banana 002

I combined oatmeal, milk and a scoop of (now discontinued) cinnamon bun protein powder in a bowl, heated everything for around three minutes, stirring regularly and adding more milk as needed.

I then sliced up a banana and stirred it into the mix.

protein oatmeal banana 005

Apparently a cold front is headed our way this evening, so this breakfast may be in order tomorrow morning too when I’ll need something to warm my belly!

Questions of the Morning

  • Do you ever read magazines when you workout?
  • What are your favorite magazines?

I love reading magazines when I’m on the elliptical! (I have trouble reading anything when I’m on the treadmill or really pushing myself hard.) 


  1. says

    I’m a bit magazine reader while I do cardio. I mostly read magazines like Shape and Fitness while I work out. I can’t read while I’m on the treadmill either but on the elliptical, stair master or stationary bike it’s my go-to to make time go fast.


  2. says

    I am constantly reading my own magazines at the gym. O! The Oprah magazine, Self, Shape, Fitness, Glamour, Elle, Women’s Health, People, Entertainment Weekly, Time etc. I have a bit of a magazine subscription addiction 🙂


  3. Lisa says

    I can’t read while doing cardio…but my gym does have individual TVs on all the machines, so I get my fix of Ellen or Rachel Ray in the afternoons since we don’t have TV at home (which equals even more motivation to go!)


  4. says

    I ALWAYS read magazines on the elliptical or when I’m doing the incline on the treadmill-it makes the time go by so much faster! Really, working out is the only time that I get to read magazines, so it’s a real treat for me, and makes me stick with my workouts 😉

    I usually read fitness and health-related magazines, Women’s Health being my top fav. I read that thing cover-to-cover and have yet to throw away any issue (my husband constantly complains about the ever-growing magazine tower in the corner of our living room).


  5. says

    I haven’t mastered the art of cardio + reading yet. I’m definitely not coordinated enough!

    I regularly read Women’s Health, Shape, Health, Fitness, and Runners World. I try to talk myself out of buying them because most articles are online but my bank account never wins that battle…


  6. says

    I always grab a magazine when I hop on the elliptical. You’re right – it’s a challenge to read anything on the treadmill. Lately at my gym there have been some jerks who have been switching the covers of the trashy gossip magazines (which I love) and putting them on the boring finance mags or Sports Illustrated. I usually don’t start reading the magazines until I’m a few minutes in and then realize that I’m the sucker who fell for it 🙁


  7. Susie says

    I used to be a subscriber to People, Us and many others that I would save like a food-hoarder for my cardio sessions. Then I got a Kindle and now I get so wrapped up in my books that I am addicted to that and don’t even READ THE MAGAZINES AT ALL anymore! Of course, is one of my first stops of every internet outing…. But I still keep up with my other mags somewhat, I just can’t really afford the subscriptions. Free Kindle books are just as great!


  8. says

    i do read on the TM. i think WH is the only one i’d read OFF it too. i’ve done it at home lately, but loved the side-eye glances i got when i read the BF’s Maxim at the gym!!! sometimes they have some cool articles (though i am less fond of the sexy intern of the month regular column!!).

    oddly, it bothered me a LOT less than reading some articles in the typical women’s mags that can have big headlines about sex!


  9. says

    Love Glamour magazine and Elle, also loving Self and Zest (the UK equivalent of Self), plus runners world gets me pumped to go for a run. I find it hard though to keep moving when I’m reading! Also, slightly off topic, but Julie what time do you have to get up so that you and Ryan can do a proper workout before work?


  10. says

    I can only read magazines on the elliptical, and stair master (although I rarely do that machine), although 9/10 workouts I just listen to music. I get dizzy if I am doing anything where I’m bouncing around too much, and it keeps me from pushing as hard as I might want if I’m doing something other than steady state cardio. Some days when I don’t want to work out at all, though, I will treat myself to a new mag (usually Shape, Self, etc.) just to read on the elliptical. It’s great extra motivation!


  11. Cassie says

    I just discovered your blog and was so inspired for your lifestyle and recipes I went back as far as my Google Reader would let me and have been reading all day! This is probably unnecessary being that post is so old, but above I saw where you said your cinnamon role protein powder was discontinued. Have you ever heard of “About Time” protein powder? They have a cinnamon role protein powder also its really good! I am not affiliated with them or anything just a really good protein powder with tons of flavor!


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