New Recipe Week

Lunch today was tuna salad salad.

tuna salad 004

Double the salad, double the fun.

tuna salad 005

I made a batch of tuna salad and served it on top of a bed of shredded lettuce.

In addition to the moisture added to the salad by the tuna salad, I added a small Sabra Hummus Singles cup to the mix for some additional flavor.

tuna salad 009

tuna salad 008

I also sipped on a bottle of Hint strawberry kiwi water from the Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet swag bag.

tuna salad 010

As a flavored water fanatic, this water was right up my alley. The water contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners and just a hint of fruity flavor. I’m a fan.

New Recipe Week

When I was wasting three hours at the airport as I awaited my flight back to Florida from Boston on Friday, I took some time to flip through several magazines (and eat a red velvet cupcake).

Recipe after recipe started calling to me from the pages of the magazines and I quickly realized I haven’t changed up my evening meals in quite a while. I’ll follow the occasional recipe, but I seem to default to making similar dinners week after week. (Broiled salmon. Every week.)

While I want the dinners I make to be fast, I don’t want to sacrifice flavor for time and flagged a handful of recipes that looked healthy, simple and made me feel excited! All too often, Ryan and I tackle dinner quickly and our meals have become rather routine and mundane.

I’d like to put a little more effort into getting excited about dinner and am declaring this week “New Recipe Week” in our household. Each night we’ll be making a new recipe we’ve never tried before to hopefully put a little pizazz back into our evening meals.

Our current lineup (in no particular order):

I’m already excited for dinner and it’s not even 3 p.m.! I think that’s a good sign!

Question of the Afternoon

  • How often do you try new recipes?


  1. says

    I don’t try new recipes nearly enough … I’m not sure why, because I really love introducing new things! I think it’s usually because I’m too tired once I get home from work to think about attempting something new. Your line up sounds great!


  2. says

    I was just thinking about this as I made dinner tonight. I just cook for me, so it’s easy (and cheap!) to fall back on the same old dinners. I’ve been making a stir fry for weeks now, and while it’s delicious, healthy, and budget friendly, it’s starting to get a little old!


  3. Katie says

    A great addition to “tuna salad” salads is to mix in a wedge of laughing cow cheese. Very yummy! I now am craving this for dinner!


  4. Sara @ The Foodie Diaries says

    When reading “double the salad, double the fun” I couldn’t help but sing it like Chris Brown from the song Forever: “double the salaaaaad double the fun and eat forev-ev-everrr forev-ev-everrrr” hahahaha 🙂


  5. says

    I completely understand what you are talking about when it comes to constantly making the default recipes. They may be tasty, but there is no reason not to try a new recipe here and there. Lately, I have found myself falling into the same trap and literally yesterday made a vow to get out of the food rut! Funny how similar things happen to different people….maybe it is that time of year or something!


  6. says

    I also fall into the same habit of eating my go-to meals week after week. You get used to knowing exactly what to grab at the grocery store, and dinner’s ready in a snap. But I love trying new recipes! I try to mix things up at least once a week or sometimes every couple weeks.


  7. says

    Holy cow these recipes look good!!! And I can definitely get the same way. Especially because I live by myself – so most meals I make then get put into lunches and dinners every day all week… it definitely gets boring!


  8. says

    I’m all about trying new recipes, and that sweet potato, carmelized onion, and goat cheese one is calling my name. I’ll have to see how it turns out for you!



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