No Jacket?

Notice anything funny about this picture?


The lack of a jacket, perhaps?

Yes, it is the week of Christmas and no jacket is necessary today. A simple sweater will do. Though I am a warm-weather girl through andΒ  through I always hope for a cold Christmas. Being all bundled up just adds to the holiday magic. I’m crossing my fingers for a cold front!

I must admit that the warmer weather made my morning walk with Sadie much more pleasant. I leashed her up for a quick walk after Ryan and I were done with our workouts.


We opted to sleep in a bit this morning, which meant I missed my usual 5:45 a.m. BodyPump class. Instead I did a full-body weights workout that looked like this:

  • 20 min. elliptical

Three sets of 15 reps of the following:

  • Step ups (15 reps on each leg, then switch), 15 lbs.
  • Shoulder raises, 10 lbs.
  • Deadlifts, 30 lbs.
  • Bicep curls, 15 lbs.
  • Tricep dips, Body weight
  • Standing side bends, 25 lbs.
  • Leg extensions, 135 lbs.
  • Exercise ball hamstring curls, Body weight
  • Exercise ball crunches, 50 + 20 concentrating on left side & 20 concentrating on right side

Though I adore BodyPump (and now Gina does, too!), it felt great to do my own thing today. I think I may try to mix it up a bit moving forward. We’ll see how I feel!


For some reason I was really excited for my yogurt bowl this morning.

Yogurt Bowl

Maybe it was because I planned to include these Italian cookies in the mix?

Stella D'oro

Cookies 'n' Apples

Along with the cookie crumbs, I also included a sliced Gala apple in the bowl.

Clsoe Up of the Good Stuff


Now it’s time to work. It’s my last day before I’m off for the holidays.



  1. Jess says

    It must be nice to not have to wear a jacket! It’s a balmy 27 degrees here in Western NY today πŸ™‚

    P.S. When are you posting the winners of the vizsla puppy contest? Rush has had trouble sleeping because he has been so nervous about the results πŸ˜‰ (or he’s just being a bratty little puppy. either way )


  2. says

    You are so lucky that you don’t need to wear a jacket! It’s freezing here. I could never walk out without a jacket now. Today my last day before the holiday too!! YAY!! πŸ™‚


  3. says

    It’s a lovely 30 degrees here in PA and the weather wizards are calling for some snow in York on Christmas… not good for travelling, but fun at the same time.

    You’re so darn lucky to live in Florida. Ever miss Gettysburg?


  4. says

    Cookies for breakfast? Yes please πŸ™‚ What a grand idea!

    I can’t wait for the pup post later today, awesome!

    Enjoy your last work day, Julie!!! It’s ALMOST time for the HOLIDAYS!


  5. Amber says

    It’s been warm here too, until today! Yay! I’m like you it just doesn’t feel quite like Christmas unless it’s cold. Have a Merry Christmas filled with lots of love and laughter!!


  6. says

    I don’t think I would want a warm christmas either that would be kindaaaa weird! lol
    I want cookies for breakfast! haha
    I’m actually off to go make pancakes right now! I wake up so late! lol


  7. says

    Can’t believe you’re crossing your fingers that it gets colder! Madness! I’m such a warm weather girl!
    We’ve had snow here in England for too long now! But I guess having a white Christmas will be kinda nice πŸ™‚


  8. Kerry Ann says

    I grew up right near the bakery that makes those cookies. The whole area was scented. They make great french toast with a little orange zest added to the egg or eggnog mixture.


  9. Sarah says

    Hi Julie!

    I had a question for you since you are a fitness guru. A few days ago I did a walk through and joined my very first gym! Yay! I’m very excited to start early morning workouts! But during my walk through the gentleman mentioned that I should do my strength training before doing aerobic exercise. Something about fat burning…maybe? I don’t know, he wasn’t super friendly and I didn’t feel as though I could ask him to elaborate. In your knowledge base does this ring true for you? Is there a reason to do weights before aerobic?

    Thanks for your time!


    • says

      i love that you called me a guru. πŸ˜€ so fun! i’ve actually read A LOT about this and have heard arguments for both sides. to be honest this is the conclusion i’ve reached… do whatever you dislike the most first. that way you’re less likely to bail on the other component of your routine!


  10. says

    It was no-jacket weather here on Monday but now it’s cold again. That’s Oklahoma for ya.

    I love Body Pump too, but it really is nice to mix it up sometimes. There are a few muscles that Body Pump doesn’t quite hit in my opinion.



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