NYE and the First Day of 2017

Happy 2017, my friends! I hope the new year is off to a great start for every single one of you. Even though the last day of 2016 and the first day of 2017 were cold and dreary in Charlotte, we made the most of it with a combination of indoor and (short-lived) outdoor fun!

New Year's Eve Julie Ryan Chase


Our Friday night was low key since Ryan wasn’t feeling 100 percent. (Is it just me or is EVERYONE getting sick right now!? It’s definitely that time of year!) We stayed close to home and spent longer than expected putting together the big Christmas surprise we got for Chase. The Little Tikes 4-In-One Trike was actually the only gift we got for him this year (his grandparents were all more than generous so we kept our gifts to a minimum) and man it was a beast to put together!

After we spent way too long putting his gift together, this is the reaction we got from Chase when we sat him on the trike for his first ride:

Little Tikes Trike 4 in 1

Christmas present fail! He was horrified!

We were totally shocked because we thought it was going to be an instant hit. Thankfully ever since his first terrible ride, things have improved a great deal and I think once we actually get him outside with the trike, his experience will only continue to look up. Right now he is completely avoiding the seat and likes pushing it around the house.

Little Tikes Trike

Whatever works!

The rest of our Friday night was spent baking banana muffins, watching The Big Bang Theory (Ryan gave me the first nine seasons on DVD for Christmas!) and digging into the quart of marshmallow s’more ice cream we picked up from Kilwin’s. (If you live near Kilwin’s, you MUST try their marshmallow s’more and toasted coconut ice cream flavors. We are obsessed!)

Kilwin's Marshmallow Smore


Saturday morning began with his and hers workouts after breakfast! Ryan headed off to the gym first and once he was done, we swapped Chase and Sadie playtime duty and I headed out for a boot camp class. After a week and a half of minimal workouts over the holidays, I was craving a good workout and Saturday’s upper body workout delivered!

We went through three rounds of the following exercises for one minute each:

  • Triceps Pull Downs
  • Bicep Curls
  • Pike Push Ups
  • Equalizer Tricep Fall Throughs
  • Overhead Shoulder Press

For a burst of cardio we alternated 30 seconds of burpees, high knees and pick ups in between each exercises. Loved it!

Before driving home, I popped into the grocery store to pick up ingredients for caprese salad skewers I planned to make for a New Year’s Eve party that night and arrived back at the house to find my boys snacking on muffins.

Caprese Salad Skewers

We hung out and played inside until Chase was ready for his nap. We used Chase’s naptime to shower and take down most of our Christmas decor and before we knew it, he was up again and it was time for us to get ready for a snazzy evening out at Laura and Steve’s house to celebrate 2017!

New Years Eve Spread

Laura has quite the reputation in our group of friends for being the ultimate hostess and continued to impress all of us with the incredible spread and beautiful New Year’s Eve-themed decor she had set out for everyone to enjoy.

NYE Decor and Food

Everything looked amazing and especially appealing to the little ones…



It’s times like New Year’s Eve that I feel especially grateful we have such wonderful friends in our lives who are also in a similar stage of life. Since finding babysitters for NYE is a headache, we opted for an early party and celebrated from 4:30 to 8 p.m. with our kiddos in tow. It was so fun and we had a great time at Laura and Steve’s which was followed by a wonderfully fantastic early bed time at home later that night.


Not too shabby in my eyes!


Our Sunday began bright and early because Chase decided he wanted to ring in the New Year at 6:15 a.m. How lovely, right!? Ryan headed off to the gym while Chase and I eased into the day and ate muffins and Greek yogurt together.

By the time Ryan was back, we were ready to get out of the house and drove to Birkdale Village for smoothies and immunity booster shots to hopefully help keep sickness at bay in our house.

immune booster shots carrot ginger lemon

The shots were made with a combination of carrot, ginger and lemon juice and were so refreshingly delicious. Even Chase loved them!

Clean Juice Birkdale Village Huntersville

The rest of our Sunday was spent hanging out as a family, running errands, cleaning, exploring a new park and relaxing!

Hope Park Mooresville Not a bad way to kick off 2017!

Happy New Year, my friends!


  1. janet says

    Ladies!!!! Sheeeeeesh … all mothers wish that their kids could sleep in at that age.

    Obviously she was kidding ….it is how Julie writes things and always has written things tongue in cheek.

    Let’s all have a cup of caffeine, cut down on the crank and RELAX …. it is too freaking early in 2107 to be lashing out with hatred for ANYONE BUT DONALD TRUMP 🙂
    (notice the smiley peeps???)

    …don’t follow the blog if you don’t like her (ALTHOUGH I CANNOT IMAGINE ***why*** A SINGLE PERSON ON THE PLANET WHO WOULD HATE JULIE!!!!!!!)


  2. Elizabeth says

    This is late but as a first time mom I have to chime in and say how gracefully you handled the negative comments that were thrown at you. I would have FLIPPED if someone insinuated that my little man was just a burden or that nothing he did was good enough. That is so sad that people thought that of you and I really hope, like another reader said, that your hurt was very temporary because their assumptions were completely ridiculous. Of course moms would love more sleep at any given time! Raising a tiny human isn’t easy! I’m sorry this happened to you…


  3. Sally says

    Happy New Year Julie! I’m just getting a chance to catch up on your blog after a busy holiday season and as a long time reader I fully understood that your comment regarding Chase waking up early was made in jest. I’m very surprised that people took it so harshly, but hopefully you don’t take the comments to heart. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017!!


  4. Debbie says

    Hi Julie!
    Also a late comment – jesus christ, these horrible women criticising you for an (obviously) in-jest comment…I guess you can only really feel sorry for them for the toxicity they must have to deal with in their own minds must be unbearable. I can only think that they are must be conflicted in some way themselves to actually say those things. I am not a mother but I can only imagine a sleep-in, of any kind, any where would be much to be celebrated.


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