Oats in a Jar: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Edition

When the alarm went off this morning, I was not in the mood to get out of our comfy bed. Usually when the alarm beeps, Ryan leaves the lights in our bedroom off and heads into the bathroom while I remain in bed for a good five minutes. I like to wake up a little slower.

Today, however, Ryan flipped the light on when the alarm went off. I was confused and tired. I was not in the mood to get out of our comfy bed and probably would’ve tried to sleep for a little while longer if it weren’t for that pesky blazin’ light!

The light got me out of bed and into the gym at my usual time… and I’m glad it did. Whenever I sleep in, even if it’s just for an extra 30 minutes or so, I feel more sluggish because I never really get back into a deep sleep.

Ryan and I headed to the gym and slowly but surely I snapped out of it and ended up having a pretty good workout!

I began my workout with a 35-minute treadmill interval workout that looked like this:


Minutes Incline Speed
0 – 5 8.0 4.0
5 – 25 1.0 Alternating 4.5 for one minute, followed by 8.0 for one minute
25 – 30 8.0 4.0

For the number hungry kiddos out there, here are the stats:


Following my treadmill interval workout, I rounded out my workout with five minutes on the stair master before finishing with 10 minutes on the elliptical.


After the gym, Ryan and I came home to take the little lady on her morning walk.

oats in a jar 003

Sadie was being extra sweet this morning!

oats in a jar 001

oats in a jar 011

Though the walk itself was good, when we arrived back home, the real excitement began!

As Ryan went to unlock our front door, a big lizard fell onto his neck! He wiggled around, totally freaked out, until I stopped laughing for long enough to tell him it was just a lizard.

I’m pretty sure he’ll be on edge all day now. Smile


Breakfast was less exciting than the lizard debacle, but it still got my taste buds hoppin’.

Over the weekend I made a batch of peanut butter energy bites and finished off a small jar of peanut butter.

Last time I blogged about giving Sadie my empty peanut butter jars, many of you almost fell off your rocker in a fury telling me I had to use empty peanut butter jars as a vessel for oatmeal.

Point taken. Check it oooout:

oats in a jar 016

My first ever oats in a jar!

I made my oats on the stovetop using 1/4 cup steel cut oats and 1 1/2 cups of milk.

oats in a jar 013

Once the oats were done cooking, I stirred in half of a scoop of chocolate protein powder and a tablespoon of my favorite cocoa powder before pouring the oats into a nearly empty jar of Skippy natural creamy peanut butter.

oats in a jar 024

Oh my heavens, this was so, so good. Why I’ve waited this long to put hot oats into my empty peanut butter jars, I’ll never know.

This particular combination tasted like peanut butter cup oats. The last bites were the absolute best, because of the thick layer of peanut butter remaining on the bottom of the jar. Phenomenal.

Bad news for Sadie: She may never get another empty jar of peanut butter again.

italian meatload 026


  1. says

    I have a PB jar waiting for oats in a jar, looks like I just found my inspiration for its flavor combo tomorrow 🙂 looks so delicious! PB + chocolate= heaven


  2. says

    I LUV interval workouts…don’t they make the time fly by so much faster?!

    I was getting bored of my usual interval so I changed it up a bit & did longer intervals. Typically I just do 1 min intervals but today incorporated 2 minute intervals…kicked my BOOTY in a fantastic way! Will post wkout tmrw at lizashlee.com if you want to check it out.

    Don’t ya love that you can have a healthy breakfast that consists of chocolate & peanut butter…mmm…mmm!

    Have a wonderful day!!!


  3. Meg says

    Just wanted to say how much I love your blog. Peanut butter, chocolate, fitness & fashion, a girl after my own heart. I started out reading your fashion page and slowly moved over to reading as much about your workouts and breakfasts. I’ve been smoothie inspired lately and I’m loving it! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and being an inspiration! And why have I never thought of eating oats out of a peanut butter jar. I’m about to have an empty one now..


  4. Courtney says

    When you do your interval workouts and you alternate two different speeds for 1 minute each at a time, do you do that manually? Or is there some way to set a treadmill/elliptical to do that for you? I just picture constantly pushing the buttons up and down to be frustrating… or that I’ll forget to do it!


  5. Mel (Mmm Stories) says

    I’ve gotten my family hooked on OIAJ – though we usually make the overnight version! Must try the hot oats!

    Just wondering – what tool did you use to add the captions into your photos? Picasa?


  6. says

    It’s about time you’ve tried oats in a peanut butter jar! 🙂 I’ve never had a lizard fall on me, but Cole (my puppy) chases them around our back patio. He sees them on the screen by our pool and crouches down, and basically acts like a lion hunting it’s prey. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! You should tell Ryan to train Sadie to protect him 😉


  7. says

    I have yet to try the oats in a pb jar, my pb is almost done so I am excited!! It was raining where I live, so it was just as hard for me to pull myself out of bed, that and I have one more week left of teaching until summer break!


  8. Er says

    I think I am one of the only people who DOESN’T like oats in a jar. It skeeved me out! Yuck. I’ll stick with them in a bowl and keep giving my empty jars to my puppy : )


  9. says

    Mmmmm…I feel for Sadie, but what an awesome idea! I just polished off a jar of skippy last night and this is DEFINITELY my next brunch/pre-dinner/whatever-it-is-I’m making it! 🙂


  10. says

    Whaaaa! I’ve been giving my empty pb jars to my pup as well. Time to give this a shot! I live in Phoenix and we have the same kinds of lizards…my dog chases them around the backyard like mad, and nabbed one yesterday. He was bringing it to me when I straight up screamed. Yuck!


  11. Vivianne says

    Oh my goodness, I’ve always just scraped mine and thrown them out but this sounds delicious. I wouldn’t have thought to throw the cocoa in there. YUM YUM YUM!



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