Dinner Made Easy: One Month of Easy and Healthy Dinner Recipes, Shopping Lists, Meal Prep Tips and More!

Dinner Made Easy - One Month Healthy Dinner Meal Plan

Good morning, my friends! I am so, so excited to finally share a project with you guys that I’ve been working on behind the scenes with three of my blogging friends for a few months now. The Dinner Made Easy ebook is finally here! I’ve teamed up with Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean (a registered dietitian and meal planning guru), Brittany … [Continue reading...]

Orangetheory, A Dog Show and Sunday Fun


Hello friends! How are you on this Monday morning? I hope your weekend was a good one and that you’re stopping by the blog today feeling rested and refreshed! Saturday My weekend began on a good note! I had plans to meet up with my friend Lauren for a workout at Orangetheory Lake Norman first thing on Saturday morning. It was a serious sweat … [Continue reading...]

Things I’m Loving Friday #154

Chase 14 Months

Holy cow this week was one for the books. I need advice from those of you out there who have transitioned your little ones from two naps a day to one long afternoon nap. The past two weeks have been intense to say the least as I’m trying to figure out a nap routine that works best for Chase. (P.S. Chase turned 14 months old … [Continue reading...]

Avocado Pesto

Avocado Pesto

Avocado pesto is a creamy, savory sauce that is perfect tossed with your favorite pasta, spread on fresh bread for a delicious sandwich or used as a dip for cold and crunchy vegetables. This recipe is a hit with both toddlers and adults! Thank you to the Hass Avocado Board for teaming up with me for this blog post. There is something about … [Continue reading...]