Freezer Pop Fan


Hello friends! How is your Monday trucking along? All is well over here! After Melissa and Jarian’s couples baby shower on Saturday, the rest of our weekend was spent with friends! A group of six of us headed out on the lake on Sunday but had to come in a bit early thanks to thunderstorms. Luckily we had Taboo back at the house and spent the rest … [Continue reading...]

Couples Baby Shower


Over the weekend I officially hit 37 weeks pregnant. And after checking out the bump pics Ryan snapped of me this week, I’m pretty sure I saw the biggest belly growth change in a one-week period from week 36 to week 37. Crazy, right!? Go-time is near!!! Couples Baby Shower All in all, we had a great weekend and a lot of it centered around … [Continue reading...]

Things I’m Loving Friday #94


It’s Friday and I’m sitting here at my desk with my favorite furry coworker by my side. Sadie is fast sleep in her dog bed, making little barks and whimpers as her front paws twitch and “run.” Please tell me I’m not the only dog-crazy person out there who gets a kick out of watching their dog dream? Way too cute! Aside from some unexpected smiles … [Continue reading...]

Breakfast 2 and 3 and Lunch!


Good morning! I’m coming to you guys a little later than usual today because I had to be at the gym unexpectedly early when a fellow trainer called to see if I could cover her small group training session at the last minute. Yooou got it! Breakfast After working for a few hours, I came home more than ready for breakfast. Well, it was more like … [Continue reading...]

Advice From Work-From-Home Moms


Today’s morning blog post is one I am particularly excited to share with you guys because it touches on a topic I found incredibly interesting to learn more about thanks to all of your incredible advice! Last week, I asked work-from-home parents to weigh in and share their tips for balancing working from home with raising little ones. I heard … [Continue reading...]