Photo Overload: The Ones That Didn’t Make The Cut


As a blogger, I have thousands of pictures saved on my computer. I’ve been trying to get better at deleting the ones I don’t wish to save a little more regularly and when I was organizing photos last night, I stumbled upon a handful of pictures from the past two or three months that never made the blog that either made me laugh or smile thanks to a … [Continue reading...]

PBF Baby: 22 Weeks


It’s pregnancy update time! Last week we reached 22 weeks and time is passing by in a flash! A quick note since I know this can be confusing: These recaps are all posted on a one-week delay since I write them at the very end of each week (usually on a Friday) since I don’t want to miss anything. I then share them on the blog the following week. I … [Continue reading...]

Baby’s Toys = Sadie’s Toys


It’s Wednesday morning and I began the day with a big smile on my face because our little one decided to greet me with two BIG kicks that I could both feel on the inside and SEE on the outside (<—a new thing for me!). His movements are the most reassuring thing to me right now and after a few days of either not feeling him move at all or only … [Continue reading...]

Teaching, Hydrating and Eating


Thank you all so, so much for your thoughtful comments and for opening up so much following my morning blog post. I know worrying is quite common during pregnancy and I very much appreciate you sharing personal stories, advice and kind words with me. Thank you!! You make me feel more at ease during this incredible journey! Today As I said at the … [Continue reading...]

A Growing Connection


Today is off to a much better start than yesterday. Truth be told, yesterday was a bit of a rough one for me due to some pregnancy-related anxiety. Everything is okay, but I was just a hyper-concerned mama-to-be for most of the day. I know I’ve alluded to the anxiety I’ve felt during pregnancy on the blog before, but yesterday it surfaced again … [Continue reading...]