Things I’m Loving Friday: 138


Good morning and Happy Friday to my favorite internet friends! I hope all is well with you! On Tuesday I shared a peek into life with a 10 month old baby and talked about Chase’s daily two hour naps. I was beginning to think I jinxed myself myself because our typical two hour naps were almost non-existent for a couple days in a row this week. Ah! … [Continue reading...]

Top Blog Posts of 2016 (So Far)

Top Blog Posts of 2016

Last year, at the beginning of every month, I shared the most popular posts of that month, as determined by pageviews. I let that little series die in 2016 but still wanted to check back in now that we’re halfway through the year and recap what posts have seen the most traction on the blog in 2016 so far! It’s always interesting for me to … [Continue reading...]

10 Month Check-In

Life with a 10 Month Old Baby

In less than two months, I will have a one year old boy. Can I still call Chase a baby when he turns one? Please tell me yes! I’m not ready to stop calling him my baby boy and kind of wonder if I will ever truly be ready? I am trusting all the parents out there who assure me “it just gets better” because I am loving this baby phase more than … [Continue reading...]

A Pizza and Lake Filled Weekend


Hello, hello and Happy Monday! I hope you are stopping by the blog today after a relaxing weekend! We spent most of our weekend outside and eating… Not too shabby, right? Saturday Our friend Ben arrived in town with his friend Alan who is visiting from England on Friday night and we enjoyed having two guests stay with us for the weekend! … [Continue reading...]

Things I’m Loving Friday #137


Hello and Happy Friday! And big Happy Birthday wishes to my dad! I wish I could be with my dad to celebrate his special day today (over whoopie pies and chocolate marshmallow ice cream, of course) but a mid-June visit is in the works, so I’m hoping I’ll see him in a few weeks. My fingers are crossed! Though I sadly won’t be spending the … [Continue reading...]