Weekend Highlights with Merri and Laurel


Is Wednesday too late to share some highlights from our weekend? Perhaps, but let’s dive into some of the high points from last weekend when two of my best girlfriends from college came to visit! Laurel and Merri Meet Chase Merri lives in NYC and Laurel lives in Orlando and since they both live a plane flight away, it meant a lot to me to have … [Continue reading...]

Killer Upper Body Superset Workout


If you are looking for an upper body workout that will really challenge you and work your muscles to fatigue, today’s superset workout is the one for you! Supersets alternate back and forth between two exercises with no rest in between the exercises. There are many different kinds of supersets and whether you choose to complete a superset that … [Continue reading...]

PBF Top 15 of 2015: October


We’re a little more than one week into November, so I should probably dive into your monthly Top 15 of 2015 post for the month of October before it’s too late, huh? At the end of 2014, I continued a mini series I began a few years ago and featured the top posts of the year on PBF. Beginning in January, I decided to prolong the series for the … [Continue reading...]

Things I’m Loving Friday #109


Good morning and Happy Friday to some of my favorite people! Despite feeling rather exhausted right now (thank you, Time Change, for killing any sleep progress we made with Chase this week), I am pretty darn psyched because we have more visitors arriving in town this weekend! Right when this blog post is published, I’m off to the airport to pick … [Continue reading...]

Meal Planning: Prepping 5 Healthy Dinners


After Chase arrived, I quickly realized meal planning and food prep are imperative for me if I hope to eat something other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cereal and frozen pizza for dinner. The difference between our meals during weeks when we take the time to plan and prep and the weeks when we don’t are night and day. I’ve shared … [Continue reading...]