Group Exercise Class Playlist


Good afternoon! I hope things are going smoothly in your neck of the woods today! My work day kicked off at 9 a.m. when I taught a sweaty indoor cycling class. We had a great group today and the class flew by which is always a good sign! I also took some time to create a new workout playlist for today’s class and wanted to share it with those of … [Continue reading...]

Falling In Love with Puppies


Hello and happy Thursday! I hope your morning is going well so far! Things over here began on a delicious note with a veggie-packed egg and turkey bacon scramble that I made with shredded mozzarella cheese and topped with avocado for a punch of healthy fats. Plus, a banana on the side! I’m hoping this breakfast will do a decent job of … [Continue reading...]

White Plum Winter Giveaway


Are you in the market for a slouchy oversize sweater? A long-sleeve winter dress or tunic? A comfortable pair of leggings? Well then I’ve got you covered with today’s giveaway from White Plum! Dolman Tunic // Peek-a-Blue Shift Dress // Go With The Faux Tunic // Thara Day Dress // Kathryn Colorblock Sweater // Silver Lake Puffer Vest If you’ve … [Continue reading...]

Sadie’s Annual Birthday Challenge: Year Seven


It’s no secret that Ryan and I are a little too obsessed with Sadie. So, it should come as no surprise that we celebrate her birthday every year. Sadie gets extra love and cuddles but I’m pretty positive her annual birthday challenge is her favorite part of her birthday. (Oh, and if you object to occasionally giving dogs some people food, you … [Continue reading...]

Happy 7th Birthday, Sadie!


Growing up, I always wanted a dog. Every year around Christmastime, without fail, a puppy would be at the very top of my Christmas list. My family traveled a lot when I was young, so my parents explained that boarding a dog all the time wouldn’t be fair to the dog and told me time and time again a dog just wasn’t the right pet for our family. We … [Continue reading...]