How To Make A Gallery Wall


When I shared a tour of my home office, I promised you guys a detailed post all about the gallery wall featured above my desk! I knew I wanted a gallery wall somewhere in our house and our home office seemed like the perfect space since it’s a place I can be found every single day of the week. I was excited to fill the frames with pictures and … [Continue reading...]

What Song Would You Sing?


I have a rather random blog post topic in store today, but we’ll get to that in a second. First up: Breakfast! It is 27 degrees in Charlotte right now so you better believe a h-o-t breakfast was mandatory this morning. No smoothies in sight for this girl! I prepared a bowl of my egg white oatmeal and topped it with a sprinkle of cinnamon and … [Continue reading...]

Final Burn


Good afternoon! How are you guys doing today? I’ve been running around a bit today, but it’s all due to fun things, so there’s no complaining over here. I kicked off my work day with a barbell strength class that I led at 9 a.m. Though the class is called barbell strength and we use the barbell a lot, I also incorporate free weights and … [Continue reading...]

Sister Time


Spending time with my sister this weekend was perfect… but it also reminded me just how much I miss seeing her all the time! Leslie’s work brought her to Charlotte late last week, so we planned to extend her stay a little bit so I could show her around our new hometown and we could enjoy some quality time together. Our first full day together … [Continue reading...]

Things I’m Loving Friday #59


It’s Friday and you know what that means! It’s time for Things I’m Loving Friday! As always, there are lots of things I’m loving this week that I will detail below (please share your Friday favorites in the comments section!), but, without a doubt my favorite thing this week has been spending time with my sister! Leslie arrived in town late … [Continue reading...]