Strength + Plyometric Leg Workout

Pairing strength exercises with bursts of plyometric exercises is one of my favorite ways to challenge myself during a workout. There’s something about going back and forth from a difficult strength exercise to a high-intensity plyometric exercise that makes a workout feel more hardcore… Plus, this combination almost always leaves me feeling sore (in a good way!) the next day.

Leg workouts have never been my favorite but this particular combination seems to keep me entertained, challenged and more invested in my leg workouts. Plus, I’m always a sweaty mess whenever I incorporate plyo into my workouts which I oddly love, so that’s an added bonus!

Strength + Plyometric Leg Workout

Today I’m sharing a strength and plyometric leg workout with you guys that I completed at Burn Boot Camp on Tuesday morning. I was sore for two days after this one!

When selecting weights for the strength portion of this workout (the exercises noted in black), I encourage you to choose weights that make it challenging to get more than 15 – 20 reps during a one-minute period while still maintaining proper form.

Strength   Plyometric LEG Workout

There are not any rest breaks factored into this workout, so please rest as needed but try to keep things moving as you progress quickly from strength to plyometric exercises.

During Burn Boot Camp, we went through three total rounds of this workout.

Exercise Demos

Below you will find picture demonstrations of all of the exercises mentioned in this workout. Please click the links if you are unfamiliar with any of the exercises to see more detailed instructions to ensure proper form.

Kettlebell Sumo Squat

Jump Squats


jumping lunges

Front Squat

skaters exercise

Weighted Bosu Bridge

Tuck Jump

Walking Lunges

Pulsing Squat

Additional Leg Workouts


Plyometric Leg Workout

P.S. You can also check out my Pinterest Leg and Booty Workouts Board for more workouts!


Big thanks to Burn Boot Camp for the awesome workout and for letting me share this workout on the blog with you guys! If you guys live near a BBC location, definitely pop in and check it out. I am in LOVE with their workouts!


  1. says

    Love doing plyometric and strength training exercises during a workout. I like to be a sweaty mess by the end of a workout and don’t always get that way if I just strength train. Thanks for sharing Julie, happy Thursday!


  2. says

    These look like fun! I always love doing a mix of plyometric and strength exercises in any circuit. I’ll be including some of these combos. Thank you!


  3. says

    This looks like a good one! I dont like leg workouts much either but its a necessary evil haha! I also must admit my first thought was that i liked the models in the pictures workouts clothes hahaha!


  4. says

    Ohhh my gosh, I did my first “plyo” this week and I CRIED! THREE TIMES! lol. Not joking. I’ve never been so happy that I workout at home because that would have been embarrassing! I am not friendly with cardio in the first place, but add in jumping and balancing. It was super challenging. But you know what they say, if you aren’t challenging yourself you’re wasting your time! (Or something like that lol…) xx MorningApple


  5. says

    This workout looks like so much fun! I’ve been loving mixing together strength and cardio or plyo elements just to keep myself entertained and interested.

    I can’t wait to try out this workout ASAP! (…But after Denver Fitness Week that I talked about on the blog yesterday. 🙂 )

    XO, Jessica


  6. says

    I think this will become my workout tomorrow morning, thanks for sharing. I SO wish we had a burn bootcamp in my area but I just have a feeling it will be awhile before I get one close to me in rural Iowa 😉 I’ll have to live through your workouts until then haha. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Kelli says

    Would love to know how often do you do a workout like this I do lunges and squats 3 days a week my husband says that’s too much . Anyone have advice?


  8. Jessie R says

    Jumping lunges will be the death of me some day…. they kill me every single time. This looks like a good one, can’t wait to try it :).


  9. Natalie says

    I read this post this morning and saved it for after work, I got in 3 rounds and was a sweaty, heavy breathing mess! Loved every move and felt very efficient and effective! Thank you for sharing, it’s so nice to see new workouts!


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