Rockin’ Playlist

As promised, here is a new rockin’ playlist to get you guys through your workouts!

workout004_thumbI just created this one in the air from Dallas to Orlando and I’m excited to jam out to it at the gym this week!

workout001_thumbThank you so much to all of you for your awesome song suggestions on this post! I used a bunch in this playlist!

Shout outs to the following people for inspiring some of the songs on this particular playlist:

Hope you enjoy! 😀


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    Thanks for the shout out, too! 🙂 The Cee Lo Green song (the original, unedited one *ahem*) is the first and last song on my workout playlist. It really gets me going! I just have to be careful about where and how loudly I sing it!


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    Thanks for the playlist…I was actually dabbling in new music on iTunes last night and didn’t find any I loved, so I’m excited to try some of these out!!

    BTW, I love the workout top in the second pic- different and so cute!



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