Ryan's Big Buy

As I was walking to my car after work today, I called Ryan to let him know I was on my way home.

“Okay, I’ll be home soon,” he said. “I’m at the store.”

The store? Hmm. Ryan isn’t the type of guy who just goes to a store to browse around. I knew he’d been eyeing televisions for several weeks now, so I immediately asked him whether or not he was buying anything.

“Yesss,” he said.

“Something big?” I asked.


Oh Lord. “How big?”

“The perfect size.”

When Ryan and I have looked at televisions together in the past he leaned toward TVs that were between 45 and 5,000 inches. I liked 42” and under.

As I pulled into our driveway, I saw a huge box in the back of his SUV with two large numbers on the side: 46”.

I helped Ryan haul it into our house and set it up on our TV stand.

It’s definitely a lot larger than our old TV, but it does look pretty sharp. Plus, I have one happy fiance, who immediately proclaimed “I can’t wait for the World Cup!” Oh joy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are before and after shots of our TVs:



After the TV was set up, we turned it on to Cash Cab. It was like we were in the cab!

Dog Park

With all the excitement of our new TV, we had to let Sadie in on some fun, so we hopped in the car to spend an hour or so running around at the dog park.

Sadie and Her Dad


Me and Ryan

As always, Sadie found a ball right away, so many rounds of fetch ensued.



Since it was pretty warm outside, Sadie also enjoyed play time in the lake.

Water Dog

You’d think she’d be a pooped puppy by the end of this trip, but I’m sitting here blogging in our backyard while she’s running around chasing lizards. (Also, please don’t forget that she also went on a 55 minute run/walk with me this morning!) This dog doesn’t stop!


After the park, we swung by McDonald’s for a snack-size Oreo McFlurry.

Oreo McFlurry

It was a nice little appetizer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The cold, creaminessย of the McFlurry made me want more of the same for dinner.

Of course an actual McFlurry wouldn’t make a very nutritious meal, so I settled for another green monster (my second of the day!).

I made this one a “double” and it was so stinkin’ good.

I think I’m officially obsessed with these bad boys.

Green Monster in a Bowl

I poured my green monster into a bowl and ate it with sliced strawberries and granola on top… Both of whichย sunk into the thick smoothie really quickly!

I had to be a fast photographer!

Sinking Strawberries

This was also Ryan’s first taste of a green monster and he was impressed!

Something about a green monster makes me feel energetic and rejuvenated. I don’t know what it is, but I love ’em.

Hope you’re having a great night!


  1. says

    Congrats on the new TV that thing looks awesome!! I have a crappy little TV that I’m trying to watch my fav hockey team on (better yet its only on the french channel)! Definetely need to get a new TV in time for playoffs!


  2. says

    Cool new TV!! My dad and brother brought home a 72″ last year and my mom didn’t handle it quite as well as you…she actually cried when she saw it, haha. The thing is ridiculous.

    Love the McFlurry “appetizer”…who says dessert can’t come before dinner?


  3. Alison says

    I love your new TV! It sounds like you and Ryan finally jumped on the TV bandwagon after avoiding it for 2 years! Just don’t start liking it TOO much ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Reading about your green monsters makes me want to try one so badly! I actually have organic baby spinach, vanilla whey protein powder, a frozen banana, and almond milk on hand! Perhaps I’ll make this fantastic creation tomorrow…??

    The pictures at the dog park are awesome (love the “peek-a-boo” pic)! What a beautiful place to take Sadie (and boy, does that dog have MASSIVEamounts of energy…whew!)


  4. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth) says

    mini mcflurry?! i love it!! & yay for a new tv ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with alison- your apartment is cute



  5. MelissaNibbles says

    We have a similar tv and I was opposed to it at first because it seemed like such a monster in our apartment, but now I love it. Just wait until you watch a football game on it!


  6. lisaou11 says

    AWesome pics–and you are ballin with the new tv! glad you finally tried the GM–now its obviously one of your favs!


  7. says

    Snack size McFlurry?! Please elaborate, haha! I love your blog – I’ve been following for a while, just got around to commenting. You have such a beautiful “family” – and Sadie is SUCH a gorgeous dog, so adorable too! Enjoy your TV!


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      thanks so much! the snack size mcflurry is so good! they’re the size of the small fruit & yogurt parfaits. i’m not sure if they have them everywhere, but they’re delicious!


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      honestly, it’s so odd to me. i’ve never had a food really make me feel different after eating it. i love it!


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