Ryan’s Second Guest Post

I enjoy nearly every lunch that I bring to work. Of course some are better than others, but I really do try to make an effort to pack lunches that I genuinely look forward to eating, so I’m not left envying my coworkers who bring delicious-smelling takeout into the office around noon every day. (I’ve noticed that Chinese food smells particularly intoxicating.)

One meal that’s a sure-fire hit with me is a noodle bowl.

Noodle Bowl

I love these things and am always anxious to dig into my lunch bag all morning.

Today’s noodle bowl included:

  • Carba Nada egg fettuccine pasta (12 grams of protein per serving = Win!)
  • Marinara meat sauce
  • Fresh spinach
  • Chopped portobello mushrooms

Nuts for Noodles!

Time for a Bite

As always, I enjoyed every last bite. Chomp!

And now, without further ado, I bring you Ryan’s second guest post. I can only assume it was inspired by the creepy men at our gym, considering he informed me of his idea for a post right after we were done working out this morning. I hope you enjoy it! 😀

Ryan’s Second Guest Post

I’ve always wondered how girls judge guys. Being a heterosexual male I’ve obviously never had to judge another guy from a dating perspective. However, I think I have a fool-proof method that may benefit you single ladies out there.

In full disclosure, I have no “game” when it comes to attracting girls. Somehow I got extremely lucky to catch the eye of the best girl I could ever imagine. But, one thing I do know is that I 100% passed the following test.

Obviously this “good guy” theory of mine could be completely wrong. Plus, I’m a guy and we’re always wrong… right? But bare with me, because I think my method for finding a “good guy” may have some merit.

Ok. Let’s set the stage. Frankly, being a guy trying to attract a girl is hard work. There is no handbook. No sure way to impress. Every girl probably looks for very different qualities, but if I were a girl, I’d have one staple quality I’d look for: A guy that looks me in the eye.

I’m not saying this a rule, it’s only my opinion, but eye contact would tell me all I needed to know about whether someone is a good guy or not. If a guy is attracted to a girl, he obviously can’t tear his eyes away from her, but which areas of the girl is he focused on? Face = Good guy. Anything else = Not good.

Good Guy's Guide: Where to Look

Of course a perfectly “good guy” could take a glance at the goodies too, but I think that most genuinely good guys will talk to you and listen to you while looking you in the eye… not the chest (or butt, though that would be kind of hard).

Obviously this rule won’t work for every girl. If you’re like the girl in the picture above who has made a career out of her sexuality and the desire to have men stare at her, then if a guy glances at the goods, it may get you excited and you’ll fall instantly in love with your boobie-looker.

But, the truth is that a single glance should be all you need to know. Guys aren’t stupid. We’re actually quite intelligent. Every guy knows that he shouldn’t be looking anywhere else but your face. We know it! But if he looks down, he either doesn’t care or takes you for a fool and doesn’t think you’ll notice.

Good Guy Test #2: Let’s say a guy holds it together with you but is constantly letting his eyes wander as other girls pass by. Same story as above, a guy knows he shouldn’t look. If he does, he’s either stupid or he thinks you are. Either way he’s not worth your time.  Exception: There are instances with Julie and me, when someone walks by, causing us both to look. Picture your classic Wal-Mart mullet, sequined-covered leotard, no shoes, 10 babies. If you can look, he can look.

So that’s my theory. Take it or leave it. But I’d really love to know what you think! How do you judge a guy? What makes you think a guy is worth dating and not a total creeper?


  1. says

    Something that always made me MORE attracted to a guy was when I was out with a guy and he was polite to people in public, especially servers/cashiers, etc.

    I don’t care how good looking a guy is, if he’s a douchebag or just plain rude, it makes him ugly in my eyes!


  2. Emily says

    i love love love this post! however, while i agree with everything ryan said, i have found it extremely hard to find these said guys. maybe it’s because i’m in college and they all are still immature (haaaah), but it’s been quite the task!


  3. says

    Thumbs up! I agree with this. I have been dating my boyfriend for over four years, and I have, honest to Goodness, never seen him check out another girl in front of me.

    It is so nice that many of these comments are about how wonderful the men in our lives are. I’m glad there are so many good guys and so many women who value them!


  4. Kelly says

    I like it when guys remember things….and not obvious things like your birthday but simple things you mention in passing. Obviously this wouldn’t be a first time meeting but as a relationship progresses I think remembering the little details shows that he really cares and values what you have to say.


  5. Geraldine says

    When I was single I would always judge a guy by how he was with me in front of his friends. If he didn’t think I was worth introducing, or acted a bit “off” with me infront of them, then I’d know he wasn’t worth my time!


  6. says

    Any guy, unless he’s gay or just not into you, is going to stray his eyes every now and then and that’s perfectly ok. I mean, if guys had something bursting out at us that we liked, we’d probably look too. But I think to be a good guy, he should be able to look you straight in the eye, deep into your eyes where you can tell he genuinely likes you for you.


  7. says

    I love this!!! Ryan, you are hilarious, and so spot on with your analysis!

    I also am lucky to have landed a *good guy* (whos name is Ryan, btw!) and I’d have to say that one of the things that drew me to him was that in addition to the direct eye contact, he was all about getting to know me when we first met, even though there were tons of other beautiful girls in the room he could’ve been meeting/talking to! Oh, and following up with a text/phone call the next day is always a plus in my book, none of those games or 3-day rule!


  8. says

    Great guest post! The good guys are those who respect their mothers, those who are honest –not that one can truly know if a person is being honest. As for checking out other women, it’s human nature. You can look just don’t touch or drool for goodness sake. Nor is there a reason to make it known to your spouse that you are checking out another woman! As in don’t gawk over them!


  9. best123 says

    I enjoyed the guest post even though I am not a heterosexual female – I still look for similar things. Guy or girl I want to be respected, not a piece of meat. And I LOVE it when Ryan appears in the posts (guest or just you mentioning him) becuase he seems pretty fun and you two love each other very much. I am similar in age (a wee bit younger) and it is nice to see that much lovie and committment so young. I am on track for that 🙂

    I have often wondered about Carba Nada when you post about it….. I am from Canada and if I want to try it, I need to order quite a bit. Whenever you post about it, it looks pretty tasty. I am not a huge pasta eater but I would like to encorporate the AMAZING noodle bowls you like into my diet. Do you have any complaints about this product? AND do you notice a difference from normal noodles? Or have any recommendations for cooking them?

    THANKS! Happy Weekend!


  10. says

    I feel very blessed to a have a good guy. I have always loved that he fully respects me and doesn’t do any “typical” guy behaviors while still being all-man. That’s why I married him 🙂

    I also love when he opens doors for me, lets me pick where to sit first, and I still feel like a newlywed even after four years. I’m not sure when you stop being a newlywed, but I say not anytime soon!


  11. MJ says

    my sister got a good guy for sure. he’s always surprising her with different things. they’ve been married for 15 years and together 19. he’s a minister in the army and went to afghanastan in November for a few weeks, missing both their birthday’s in the process. they had a celebration for his before he left and he said they’d do something for her’s when he got back. well he had something up his sleeve. on her birthday he called to wish her a happy birthday and told her to tell their youngest son to check his email. in the email was a message to go get the surprise out of his closet. in the closet was a gift and a card with money in it for my 2 nephews to take my sister out for lunch for her birthday.


  12. says

    i was browsing through your site on my lunch, and i am so glad i found this old post! can i just tell you, i would eat carba nada pasta all the time my senior year of college (sadly, 6 years ago) and no one could believe me when i told them the nutrition info! i would get it at le gourmet chef, but then they stopped carrying it and i couldn’t find it anywhere! i cannot believe that i randomly found it here and realized you could buy it online! this is such a great surprise. i am ordering today! i seriously always mention this pasta when we are in the food store haha yipppeeee! thanks julie.

    i wish i knew where everyone was finding all these great guys! i think i live in a part of the country where they are extinct 😉 there’s got to be one left who wants a nice, good girl!

    i have to say though, i just dated a guy who opened every door for me, car/building/etc, who wouldn’t let me lift a finger, who told all his fam/friends about me, but then turned out to be SUCH a jerkface. it’s like, some guys think that if they do those things, that alone makes them a good guy. but that’s just the surface!



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