Show Koi

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I forgot to share this completely random picture with you guys yesterday.

Check out the car I spotted when I was driving around Ocala:

prize koi

Show koi!?

As in the fish?



You know I had to Google “show koi” when I got home. I had no idea that there are koi competitions, but my goodness, they exist. I even found one in Orlando!

Random, right?

I mean there are horse shows, dog shows and cat shows, so why not koi shows? I totally get it.

Ryan and I have talked about how Sadie would do in a dog show numerous times and I’m half tempted to enter her in some amateur one just for the laughs.


I’m pretty sure Sadie wouldn’t even let the judge touch her. She is very loving toward people she knows (she’ll even whimper and pee for you!), but when she doesn’t know someone, she does the old bob and weave move so they can’t touch her until she’s ready.

Yep, we have a champion on our hands.


Today’s workout was hard. All around hard.

It began with a 20-minute treadmill workout that made my chest feel like it might explode.

20 minute treadmill workout

There is nothing easy about this workout. It is quick and dirty!

My chest was tight and I struggled through it, but it felt awesome when I reached minute 16 and felt like I really challenged myself in such a short timeframe. If I ever only have 20 minutes to workout and want to sneak in a quality, butt-kickin’ workout, I’m doing this one!

After my time on the treadmill, I completed a strength workout and called it a day. Not a bad way to kick off a holiday weekend!

Ryan and I are off to St. Pete this afternoon where we’ll be spending the weekend between St. Pete and Sarasota with our families for Easter. This afternoon we’re going to the Tampa Bay Ray’s season opener with my parents. The Rays are playing the Yankees, so it should be a fun time!


Breakfast was nice and fast since I wanted to eat it at the computer while blogging away so we can pack and get on the road as soon as possible.

egg bagel sandwich 001

Two Fried Eggs + Muenster Cheese + Jelly + Toasted Bagel

egg bagel sandwich 005

A classic around here. Smile

Served with a cup of coffee!

coffee mug

See ya in a bit!



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