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Grab a hot mug of coffee and let’s chat!

mug of coffee

My evening after work yesterday wasn’t super fun and included several hours of online traffic school. I wanted to take traffic school to erase the points I received on my driver’s license from the speeding ticket I received back in March and I finished six of the eight lessons last night. Hoping to wrap everything up tonight! (For those who might be in a similar boat, the I Drive Safely course I’m completing is pretty decent.)

This morning I woke up ready for a better day and kicked things off with a hot mug of coffee and one of my freaky green protein pancakes.

Green Protein Pancakes

It feels good to get sneak some leafy greens back into my life!

Moving right along to today’s installment of the 10 Day You Challenge…

10 Day You Challenge

Today’s challenge is “six places.” This is another one that is kind of vague and since it’s up to me to interpret what it means, I’m going to go ahead and share six of my favorite places in the world.

Six Places

  • In Bed with Ryan and Sadie

Sleeping Guy and His Dog

My favorite place in the whole world is in bed with Ryan and Sadie. Cuddling up with these two at the end of a long day is often the very best part of my day! Even if I’m stressed out or upset about something, curling up beside Ryan with Sadie snuggled up in a tight little ball between us (before she stretches out and takes up all the space) relaxes me and makes me feel loved and happy.

  • Relaxing on the Couch at My Parents’ Place

Christmas Eve 2013

When my whole family is home and we’re all relaxing on the couch together, I feel happy and content. (Bonus points if we’re watching Father of the Bride.) We often talk about nothing in particular, but I cherish any time I have with that bunch! (This activity usually involves a bowl of ice cream.) And for those wondering, the above picture is from Christmas Eve last year when my mom gave Ryan and Ross elf boxers and my dad Santa boxers with a night cap which cracked all of us up!

  • The Living Room Floor of a Friend’s Apartment

Girlfriends (2)

It doesn’t matter which girlfriend or which apartment, but when I find myself sprawled out on the living room floor of one of my best friend’s apartments, I know I’m likely going to be laughing for hours. Why the floor? I’m not sure, but my girlfriends and I always seem to find ourselves on the floor, snacking and chatting away for hours. It’s a great place to be!

  • Lounging Poolside


The smell of a pool is one of my favorite smells in the world. I think it must be a nostalgic smell for me or something that takes me back to my days as a lifeguard or my days on the diving team in high school, but when the pool smell hits me, I feel relaxed and carefree. It’s the smell of summer!

  • On A Boat

Boat in the Gulf of Mexico

There’s nothing better than spending time on the water! The smell of salt water or the gentle calm of a lake soothes me and makes me feel content. Spending a sunny day on a boat is perfection!

  • Hiking with Ryan and Sadie

Hiking in the Ocala National Forest

One of my favorite things to do with two of my favorites! Hiking (especially in North Carolina in the fall!) is an activity that clears my mind and allows me to spend quality time in the outdoors with Ryan and Sadie. Ryan and I love watching Sadie jump around and have the time of her life sprinting all over the trails! It’s hilarious and heartwarming at the same time.

Question of the Morning

  • What are some of your all-time favorite places?


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