Squat Overload Leg Workout

Hi and Happy Monday!

I know Mondays often aren’t the happiest of all days, but hopefully yours is going well!

Leg Workout

My Monday began as most Mondays do around here. Ryan and I kicked off the day with an early morning workout at the gym. After 15 minutes on the elliptical, I completed the following leg workout:

Squat Overload Leg Workout

I kept the weights I used during this workout relatively light (especially during the plethora of squats), but it was a good one!

Once my workout for the day was done, I grabbed a quick shower and breakfast before heading back out the door to train clients until lunchtime rolled around.


For lunch today, I dug into the eggless egg salad wrap I packed with me that I bought at Earth Origins yesterday. (Photographs were taken last night when I packed everything up.)

Eggless Egg Salad

I have absolutely no problem with real eggs, but this eggless egg salad is really tasty! It’s made with tofu and is quite filling.

Eggless Egg Salad Wrap

I ate my wrap with a side of cucumber and celery and a small baggie of pitted dates and macadamia nuts. It did the trick!

Hoping the rest of the work day flies by!!

Questions of the Afternoon

  • What did you have for lunch today?
  • What has been your favorite go-to lunch lately?


  1. says

    The black bean and corn enchiladas from TJs. They’re 260 calories and keep me full until about 8-9pm when I eat dinner. They’re vegan, but mostly they’re just tasty and I don’t notice that it isn’t full of delicious shredded chicken and smothered in cheese (at least not much, anyway). I probably eat them 3 times a week.


  2. says

    Omg jump squats are killer! About a month or so ago, I finally tried them for the first time, and I was shocked at how sore I was!! Thanks for the reminder, I’ll definitely be adding these into my workout again 🙂



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