Starting the Day with Dave

This morning, I bounded out of bed and headed for the gym. I slept in a bit which felt great, and I still made sure I had time for a workout and a short one-mile run with Sadie.

To begin my workout, I headed to the loft area of my gym to do some cardio circuits.

Abandoned Loft

It was totally abandoned which I loved. I feel like a tool when I’m jumping around doing various exercises when the loft is packed. I welcomed the tranquility of the people-free space this morning.

I set up my little station and started sweatin’!

Ready to Work

After two rounds of my favorite cardio blast workout from Jessica, I completed 25 minutes on the elliptical before running a mile outside with Sadie.

During the last two minutes of my time on the elliptical, a lil’ Dave Matthews popped up on my iPod… but not just any DMB song.

Say Goodbye

The song that blasted into my ears was “Say Goodbye,” my all-time favorite Dave song. (And yes, the clock on my iPod is totally screwy.) Though the song is about two friends who decide to spend one “special” night together (which isn’t my style), I still find it so pretty.

Gotta love starting the day with Dave!


Once the my morning workout was done, it was breakfast time! A smoothie was on the menu.

Pour it Out!

In the mix:

Drink Up!

I gulped this grotesque-looking, yet totally delicious, smoothie down in no time!

Gulp, Gulp

J fo' Julie!

It’s in the 60s in Orlando today, so this cold drink was perfect after a sweaty workout.

Off to work!

Motivational Mantra of the Day

A body at rest wants to stay at rest. A body in motion wants to stay in motion. (Heidi)


  1. says

    Hey Julie!

    I was wondering if you bought your protein (All the Whey cupcake batter) on the website that you linked to? I went there and it says there are manufacturer delays. Is it still available to buy? I’ve been wanting to buy that flavor for a while now, but I can’t find it anywhere else online.


  2. says

    I love the gym when it’s empty. Even just being on the elliptical isn’t as nice when there are people on all sides of you…and the more crowded the gym is, the sillier you feel taking pictures of yourself in the mirror. I tried to this morning, but there was always someone super close by!


  3. says

    Too funny- guess what I’m listening to RIGHT now @ work?! The pandora Dave Matthews station- love it!!
    I never knew there was such thing as banana extract…definitely going to look for that next time I’m at Publix.


  4. says

    Jealous that your gym has that workout space. I wish ours had something like that, but no. We have no area to really do things like that. When I do burpees or squat jumps or any other random move at my gym it has to be smack in thte middle of equipment and people. Gets a lot of looks thats for sure.


  5. says

    ah I LOVE DAVE. Almost a sick amount. I usually switch around what song of his is my favorite. Right now Im in love with Jimi Thing after I saw him do it at Wrigley in Chicago…but forever my fav is Lie in Our Graves or Stay. love love love


  6. says

    Your smoothie sounds great Julie! I can’t find All The Whey protein here in Canada but I do have a cupcake batter one and I like how versatile it is. This will shock you but I’ve never actually heard Say Goodbye so I’m going to Youtube it now!


  7. says

    I’m a new reader! That smoothie looks AMAZING. I had no idea cake batter protein powder even existed!

    Adorable pictures, too. Walking into an abandoned gym is one of my favorite things too…happened to me this morning! So wonderful, and freeing, as you said.


  8. Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter says

    I’ve never heard of cupcake batter protein. I could see why you would buy the 5 lb bag!


  9. Laura says

    I just checked out that cardio blast and I know what all but the Burpees are….can you explain these???

    That smoothy looks delish!


  10. ashley@quasichick says

    I love working out when there aren’t many people around. I feel a little silly sometimes too when people are around especially if I am doing circuit type stuff…Yummy smoothie


  11. says

    Holy cow! I have maybe 150 songs on my MP3 player. I get bored of the same songs, so I’m constantly switching them out so I don’t waste time during my workouts skipping over ones I’m sick of. I can’t imagine having so many songs on there!

    That smoothies sounds delicious. I think most smoothies aren’t very good to look at, but they sure taste good!


  12. says

    I love that you like Dave! I’m a big DMB fan too and that song is so so pretty. And yeah, you gotta love starting the day with Dave 😛
    And that smoothie looks so freaking good!


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