Strength Heavy Circuit Workout

I was in the mood to shake things up a bit at the gym today and shake ‘em up I did!

After a 20 minute warm up on the elliptical, I went on to complete a circuit workout that concentrated mostly on total-body strength exercises.

My workout looked like this:

circuit workout
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The second circuit kicked my booty. Fifty mountain climbers is no joke!

I need to do more circuit workouts. They keep me interested and breathing heavy. Plus, the variety keeps my body guessing which is always a good thing since I seem to get caught in an exercise rut all too easily.


After braving a serious thunderstorm that rolled in while we were at the gym, we made it home and sat down to a comforting breakfast.

egg sandwich 001

A two-egg sandwich with cheese and jelly plus apple slices!

egg sandwich 004

egg sandwich 005

The cool, crisp apple was a perfect addition to my typical egg sandwich. Mmm!

Time to get crackin’ on a freelance project! I’m writing about seafood for a summer publication. Talk about planning ahead!


  1. says

    I LOVE circuit work outs, short and sweet. Most of the time I’m over before I know it and usually wanting more. That and running are my go to workouts 🙂

    Your breakfasts always look so yummy!


  2. Annie says

    hi julie! That pic of your breakfast looks absolutely yummy and got me craving eggs! How do you get them so crispy though? Do you use butter/mar/oil to fry them first and then add the cheese? Asking you because mine never look so good!


  3. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    That looks a great circuit workout! I love circuits too because they keep things fresh and are so challenging. Mountain climbers are the beast, though. Ouch!


  4. says

    My issue with mountain climbers is that I have to pause every so often to pull my shirt back down. Though I might do it a little more frequently than necessary just to give myself a little break… 🙂


  5. says

    I’m taking this workout verbatim today! Question, did you do the hamstring ball curls with a large medicine ball on your stomach? I think that’s how I do them!


  6. says

    Just wanted to pop in to say that I did Ryan’s Shoulder Move on Tues night at the gym. I can definitely see how it hits the entire shoulder and would help to add that nice cut right above the bicep and below the shoulder. Yay for buff arms! I’m also trying to do push ups daily thanks to Caitlin HTP’s little challenge.


  7. Erin says

    Did this workout today with a little something extra… in the middle of the 2 circuits we added 8 sets of sprints on the treadmill of 20 secs on/ 10 sec rest!



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