Sunrise 5k

I was up in the 5 a.m. hour because we had some runnin’ to do this morning!

On Wednesday this week, my sister and I randomly decided to run in the Sunrise 5k at North Straub Park in St. Petersburg.

sunrise 5k 013We woke up nice and early and updated our iPods and I ate a small pre-race piece of leftover ice cream cake. Seriously, who eats cake before a race?

We arrived at the race site about 10 minutes before the race began and scrambled to find a parking spot, check in and get our race bibs on and timing chips attached to our shoes.

When the race announcer called out “30 seconds,” my sister and I sprinted to the start line and took off!

Apparently my body made me pay for eating cake as my pre-race snack because the first mile of the 5k was pretty rough. My stomach was cramping, but fortunately the cramping subsided and I got into my groove around 1.2 miles.

The course was very pretty and led runners up and down the pier and along the water. It was gorgeous to look out over the water and see the sun rising. Something about beautiful, picturesque views of nature really motivates me.

…Or maybe it was this song? You can’t listen to a song that says “be more hardcore” and not want to kick it up a notch.

I crossed the finish line in right around 26 minutes (I didn’t stop my Garmin right away), and then cheered on my sister as she finished the race.

sunrise 5k 012

sunrise 5k 003

We then scoped out the post-race goodies and both ate a fresh cinnamon chip bagel from Panera. I didn’t have my camera with me at the race, so it went undocumented, but it was delish!

Florist Meeting

When we got home, we quickly showered and my sister, Ryan and I headed out to meet with our wedding day florist. sunrise 5k 014I planned the meeting with our florist to discuss centerpieces and give him some updates with other ideas we have for our big day. I’m really excited about the mix of soft and bright yellow, cream and white flowers we’ve chosen.

I requested that the bouquets and table centerpieces  for our wedding not look too “together” because I love a more whimsical, romantic look with lots of foliage and “stock” flowers. I like the look of “undone elegance” if that makes sense. 🙂


Surprisingly the bagel and orange slices I ate at the race site held me over pretty well, so I wasn’t too hungry when we arrived home from the florist around 10 a.m.

Ryan, however, was starving!

I made everyone pancakes using a recipe that called for the inclusion of lemon-lime soda. sunrise 5k 006

Ryan wanted his pancakes to “taste like McDonald’s hotcakes” and after Googling around for a recipe, this one was the one I kept finding over and over again.

sunrise 5k 010

The pancakes were thick and very tasty! They definitely needed syrup though because  they would’ve been a little dry without.

I ate one big pancake with syrup and ate quite a bit of the pancake batter as I was making them. I feel pretty darn full at the moment.

In about 20 minutes we’re heading out for a brief meeting with the catering manager at our wedding venue to talk about logistics.

After that our day will be dominated by crafting!

See ya after lunch!


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