Sunrise Circuit Workout

Thank you for all of your comments on my post yesterday. Reading your words made me feel very, very grateful for the people out there who work or volunteer in a field where death is a regular occurrence. You are amazing and I greatly admire your strength.

Sadie sends lots of kisses your way.

bundle of love

Speaking of Sadie, a few of you have asked for an update on her buggy issue. She is tic free and doing very well!

miss those guys

Thank you for thinking of her!


This morning I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do at the gym. The boot camp plan I’m following called for a 45 minute interval workout and core work, but I didn’t feel like doing a long cardio session since I’ll be participating in an indoor triathlon tomorrow.

Whenever I don’t know what to do at the gym, a circuit workout is almost always my fallback plan.

I completed the following circuit workout that I named the Sunrise Circuit since I did it nice and early in the morning. It was a cardio and core workout, somewhat similar to my super sweaty ab circuit workout.

sunrise circuit workout

I was a sweaty mess after this one and my abs were burning!

Also, for those of you looking for At Home Workout options, if you substitute an exercise for the box jumps, this circuit can easily be done in your living room or hotel room if you’re traveling. (If you’re confused by any of the exercises mentioned, I always use YouTube to watch videos made by personal trainers who do a great job of demonstrating some of the more confusing moves with proper form.)


When I arrived home from the gym, a breakfast bagel sandwich was calling my name.

breakfast bagel sandwich 012

Eggs + Swiss cheese + Jelly

breakfast bagel sandwich 014

A cup of coffee came along for the ride to help with my productivity.

breakfast bagel sandwich 016

See ay after lunch! Hope your Friday is off to a great start!


  1. says

    JULIE! i always wonder where at the gym you do your workouts? on the mat/stretching area?? dont you ever get embarrassed to do such a HIIT in front of all the people … I feel like most people at the gym are only on the machines but Ive actually never seen a single person doing their own hardcore workout! maybe I just wasnt looking .. I am getting a gym membership in September at a pretty nice gym here in Vienna, so I am definitely looking forward to that (and to spinning class <3)


  2. says

    hi julie! i just started following your blog, and it’s really fun and inspiring. question – what kind of bagels do you use for your scrumptious bagel-wiches?



  3. Jess says

    Is Insurgent in the running for this month’s book club or did you read it already? I just finished Divergent, as per your reccomendation, and loved it! So happy Sadie’s bug-free!


  4. says

    Yay that Sadie is healthy! 🙂 I never do circuit workouts but I tried one of the ones on your blog this week and it was such a nice change of pace! Plus it went by in no time since you’re constantly doing something new. Thanks Julie!


  5. Taryn says

    You have convinced me to start trying some circut workouts! 🙂 I’m pretty excited to try this one! I’ll definitely look up some youtube videos to find perfect form for these excercises and then I’ll be getting my booty in shape trying these! 😀 Wish me luck!!!


    • says

      circuits are so effective Taryn! Do give ’em a try~they’re so good for the cardiovascular system, shaping the muscles, and even fat burning if that’s what you’re looking for. 🙂 Hope it goes great for you!


  6. @pluvk says

    This circuit looks like a tough one! But I’m up for the challenge! 😉 I really enjoyed your Sweat Ab workout, so I am excited to try this one. Thanks, Julie!

    Oh, and I am so glad Sadie is doing better! She’s such a little love muffin.


  7. says

    I’m glad Sadie is tic free 🙂 My little bubba dog has a sore poor and it breaks my heart when she brings it up near her face and does the cutest thing- naww they are lovable.


  8. Carrie says

    Do you do circuit one and then the core circuit, circuit two and then core, etc. Or is it do circuit one twice followed by core circuit. The repeat each circuit once before core circuit instruction has me confused.



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