Spinning, Jarlsberg Cheese Love & Practice 5K Prep


Good morning! Yesterday afternoon I got tied up at the gym and wasn’t able to blog during break time like I anticipated, but I’m back today and am just sitting down at the computer after my usual 6 a.m. Tuesday morning spin class. When the alarm goes off, it never feels easy to get out… 

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Teaching, Hydrating and Eating


Thank you all so, so much for your thoughtful comments and for opening up so much following my morning blog post. I know worrying is quite common during pregnancy and I very much appreciate you sharing personal stories, advice and kind words with me. Thank you!! You make me feel more at ease during this… 

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Diane’s First Visit

ryan diane

Ryan’s mom came in town this weekend! We were so, so happy to have her here in North Carolina for her very first visit to our new house! Truthfully, I ended up completely neglecting my camera for most of the weekend in favor of simply soaking up time with Ryan and my mother-in-law, but I… 

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Favorite After School Snacks as a Kid

cheese toast with avocado

This morning’s breakfast reminded me of one of my favorite after school snacks as a kid. Cheese toast! (Served with a cup of decaf coffee that made me feel oh so cozy inside.) I placed two slices of sharp cheddar cheese on a leftover Kaiser roll from this weekend’s Easter cookout and put it in… 

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