Top 13 in 2013: Workouts

Top 13 Workouts of 2013

Yesterday afternoon I kicked off a super-short series on the blog entitled “Top 13 in 2013” and shared your top 13 PBF recipes from the past year. As promised, I’m following up that post with your top 13 most popular PBF workouts from 2013. I was happy to see a mix of treadmill workouts, elliptical… 

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Outdoor Running Circuit Workout


Hello, hello! How are you guys doing today? Things are going well around here. I am getting ready to pack up and catch an evening flight to San Francisco in a little bit, but I’ve enjoyed a productive day in Orlando so far today! Ryan and I woke up a little late this morning since… 

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Quick ‘n’ Sweaty Boot Camp Workout

egg white oatmeal protein pancake

My day began with an egg white and oatmeal protein pancake topped with a sliced pear. The recipe is so darn easy to make and fills me up without weighing me down or making me feel so full that I get sleepy right after I eat! Workout After breakfast, I headed to the gym for… 

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