Merri and Pete’s Wedding Reception


Shared with their kind permission, a few of the pictures featured in this blog post were taken by the wonderful husband and wife team behind Black & Hue Photography. Most of the photos are my own, but the truly fabulous photos can be attributed to Black & Hue Photography. It’s hard to believe a whole… 

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Merri and Pete’s Wedding Rehearsal


Merri and Pete’s wedding weekend was incredible and I am excited to share everything with you guys today! Merri and Pete have been together for nearly as long as Ryan and I have (nine years!) and since we all went to college together, I’ve had the chance to get to know them individually and separately… 

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Season’s 52 Jacksonville

season's 52 jacksonville

Our celebratory dinner at Season’s 52 last night was the perfect way to honor such a big milestone in my mom’s life. My mom, dad, sister and I had reservations at Season’s 52 in Jacksonville and before we arrived, I let the restaurant know the reason behind our special dinner. They did such a wonderful… 

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