Field Day

Chocolate Covered Almonds

Today is flying by! After spending the morning finishing a freelance piece, I hightailed it over to Marion Senior Services to deliver lunches to the seniors on my Meals on Wheels route before making it home in time for a quick lunch that I tried to subtly eat while on the phone for a conference… 

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Blogging vs. TV

Another simple lunch thanks to leftovers! Today’s meal included leftover roasted broccoli and cauliflower that I dusted with curry powder (I’m a curry convert!) and topped with a pulled-apart Morningstar Farms Asian veggie patty. These veggie burgers are my all-time favorite! The Asian flavors really shine through and the texture is perfect. I love ‘em!… 

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Sometimes I Take Things

If you “Like” Peanut Butter Fingers on Facebook, then you already know my little secret. Sometimes I take things… You know, the free jellies at breakfast, little sugar packets at Starbucks. Little things. I’m not sure if this makes me  cheap or frugal (I’d like to think I’m scrappy), but it saves me money and… 

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