Running Gear That Gets Me Out the Door


Yesterday I received an email from Erin, an elementary school teacher who wants to get into running. I loved the way she phrased her email when she asked me about my favorite running gear. She wanted to know what running gear motivates me to get out there and run. Not just the necessities… the stuff… 

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PRO Compression Giveaway

pro compression shamrock socks

Remember those snazzy compression socks I wore during the St. Patrick’s Day 10K race I ran in Jacksonville? Well now you could win a pair of the marathon shamrock socks or another pair of compression socks or compression sleeves from the awesome folks at PRO Compression! Why wear compression gear? According to PRO Compression, their… 

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St. Patrick’s Day Running Gear

cauliflower sausage scramble

Lunch today snuck up on me! Before I knew it, my stomach was grumbling and I needed food! Fact: This meal looks horrendous.  But lots of shredded cheese has a way of making me overlook an unattractive dish!  I began by sautéing a chopped chicken sausage in a skillet while I steamed some cauliflower in… 

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