Energizing Coffee + Workout Playlist

waffles pumpkin seeds

Good morning party people! I hope things are going well for you so far and that you’re not too sleepy this morning. Coffee always helps, right!? I’m hoping my big ol’ cup of coffee kicks in soon and energizes me through the indoor cycling class I’ll be teaching as soon as this blog post goes… 

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Indoor Cycling Playlist

Spinning Class Workout Playlist

Hello! I am off to teach indoor cycling this morning but wanted to quickly pop in to share last week’s playlist with you. This is the playlist from the first class I taught, so I obviously hope to improve the format and flow a little bit with time, but the class really seemed to get… 

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Schwinn Cycling: Pimp My Playlist

Jeffrey Scott

Throughout the years, I’ve had the pleasure of taking my fair share of awesome spin classes. On Saturday morning, the beginning of my third full day at IDEA World, I took the best indoor cycling class of my life with Jeffrey Scott, a Schwinn Master Trainer and one of the most hilariously motivating instructors I’ve… 

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Good morning and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope your night was 10,000 times more relaxing than mine. We had a storm roll through Ocala and that left little Miss Sadie in quite a tizzy. When the lightning picked up around 3:30 a.m., Sadie spiraled into a world of panting and pacing which made it… 

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