Coming Up in November

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Good afternoon! How are you guys doing today? Things are going quite well around here! After working through the morning, I arrived home to an energetic dog who needed some attention. I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and headed outside with Sadie for some fresh air. She quickly found a stick and… 

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Post-Surgery Stupor

tuna salad lunch

I think 95 percent of the people I talked to at work today asked me what happened to my voice. Apparently I am talking like I have the black lung (Zoolander, anyone?). My quiet, raspy voice made for an interesting water fitness class, but everyone laughed and cut me a break when I explained that… 

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A Dog’s Fears


Work today went by fast. The highlight came early on when I taught a functional training class. I’ve loved subbing for the instructor who usually teaches the class while she has been out for the past few weeks and I’m hoping I can regularly teach a similar class when the group exercise schedule permanently changes… 

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Made It On the Wall

Begging Dog

Hi there! I’m home from work and so psyched that tomorrow is Friday. Sadie is, too! Work + Lunch Today was a typical work day: Personal training + Teaching group exercise Oh and look who officially made the personal training and group exercise wall at the gym! It only took four months. And yes, I… 

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