Thursday Randomness: Scenes From The Week

Burn Boot Camp Workout

Hello, hello! How are you guys doing on this lovely Thursday morning? All is well over here. I seem to be coming out of a grouchy funk that I couldn’t shake during the beginning of the week, so that feels good. I’m not sure what was going on with me, but thankfully I am feeling… 

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Celebrating 12 Years and Weekend Fun

Oatmeal Cookies Homemade

Good Monday mornin’ to ya! How are you guys? I hope your weekend was a good one and included the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. Ours married the two perfectly and we had a decent amount of downtime mixed in with some fun times out and about as well. Our weekend kicked off with… 

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Dumbbell Core Workout


This core workout utilizes a dumbbell to maximize the burn. It can be done at home or in the gym for a challenging abdominal workout. Thank you to Champion for supplying the sports bra you see in this post! Good afternoon, my friends! If you are looking for a core workout that will both challenge… 

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Upper Body Dropset Workout

Drop Set Upper Body Workout

When it comes to strength training, feeling the burn in my upper body will always be my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely appreciate a great leg workout, but I would be lying if I said I loved squats and lunges. Variations of biceps curls, dips and shoulder raises, on the other hand, are… 

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Resistance Band + Jump Rope Workout


Grab a jump rope and a resistance band because I have a sweaty upper body workout for you today! I’m teaming up with Victoria’s Secret Sport to share today’s workout with you guys and it’s a sweaty one! (<— Big thanks to Victoria’s Secret for the cute apparel you see in this post!) This workout… 

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Top Workouts of 2015

Top Workouts of 2015 - A collection of sweaty workouts! Everything from treadmill workouts to strength training and boot camp workouts!

2016 is here!! Woop! Something about the onset of a new year often strengthens our resolve to commit to regular exercise or amp up our current fitness routine. Hopefully this post that features the top 10 most popular workout posts on Peanut Butter Fingers in 2015 will help give you guys some new workouts to… 

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